What Are The Metaphysical Properties of Opal?

Opals are known to contain shimmering, mysterious colors – alluring people to the stone.

In the fire opal, you’ll find the more vibrant oranges and reds, whereas other opals can feature an almost pastel hue – it is no surprise we were given the term ‘opalescent’ from them. 

What Are The Metaphysical Properties of Opal

However, not all opals feature this range of colors. In fact, some of the most precious opals by practitioners and healers alike share no opalescent whatsoever. 

With this in mind, this article will explore the metaphysical properties of the opal – giving you an insight into the elusive and mysterious 

What Is Opal?

The term ‘opal’ was originally derived from the Latin word ‘opalus’, which translates to ‘precious stone’. 

Since ancient times, opals have been known as ‘Eye Stones’ and are prized for their color variations, luminosity, and flashes. 

As the name ‘Eye Stone’ would suggest, the stone itself is devoted to the eye – making it one of the most pleasing gemstones, known to inspire love, hope, innocence, purity, good fortune, tranquility, and happiness. 

It was regarded as a precious stone by the Romans due to its combination of the green colors from Emerald, purple hues from Amethyst, and its flames of Garnet. 

Moreover, the crystal is widely recognized for its capability to bring out positive characteristics and features in people. It is said that the gemstone is able to intensify and pick up on a person’s sentiments, ideas, emotions, and wishes. 

Negative feelings and sentiments are absorbed by the Opal crystal, while distressing and unpleasant feelings are easier to integrate, resolve, and comprehend. 

The stone is powerful in aiding and helping you drive away bothersome and negative feelings. 

The Composition Of Opal

Opal is known to contain a varied composition. In chemical terms, the stone is characterized as being a hardened silica gel containing water. 

Here, the water content varies from 1% to 21%. However, when looking at the precious opal, this ranges between 6% and 10%. 

Where Are Opals Found Naturally?

In Australia, the opal gemstone is the country’s national gemstone. In fact, they produce over 97% of the world’s supply. 

However, you can also find this gemstone in Mexico, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Canada, the UK, Nevada, and Southern Africa. 

Since the stones are produced in a sedimentary environment, it makes the gemstones generated in Australia are exceptionally resistant to shattering. 

During the volcanic process of creating opal gemstones, water can be easily absorbed – making these ones prone to collapse and shatter. 

Appearance And Color Of Opal

Globally, opal is considered one of the most brilliant gemstones, known for its red, orange, blue, white, brown, pink, yellow, gray, green, and black coloring. 

They are also known to be transparent, translucent, and opaque. 

Since there are so many different hues of opal, it is understandable why there are so many different varieties. However, below, you’ll find the primary types:

  • Common Opal
  • Fire Opal
  • Precious Opal

Opal Meaning

Since ancient times, opal has been known for its healing properties. In fact, it has been identified with a number of different characteristics. 

In essence, the stone is considered to bring tranquility and protection, as well as offer relief from sadness and stress. 

As such, it is an excellent choice for calming a racing mind and thoughts. If you have trouble sleeping, then you can use this stone to improve it – keeping bad dreams and nightmares away. This is particularly beneficial for children. 

On top of this, it is among the finest stones for security – acting as a screen between you and any negative thoughts and energies. 

If you don’t want to be heard or seen, this stone is known to be powerful in empowering ‘the mask’. 

Plus, it would make a fantastic gift for the pregnant ladies in your life, since it can connect those to the Divine Feminine energy. 

It is perfect for moral support, and it is typically linked with strong desire, sexuality, love, and passion. 

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opal Metaphysical Properties

Opal belongs to Anahata (the heart chakra), Sahasrara (the crown chakra), and Manipura (the solar plexus chakra).

Depending on the type of opal, it carries the energies using these different elements. Typically, most opals are associated with the element of water – making it an ideal gemstone for regeneration, unlocking new potential, and rebirth. 

Fire opals, as their name suggests, are gemstones belonging to the fire element. They provide emotional warmth, enthusiasm, and activity. 

As such, they are ideal for getting in touch with your erotic desires and boosting the yang powers found in your body. 

Green opals are known to vibrate with wood energy, helping you, or your child, grow. 

The gemstone corresponds with the star signs Libra and Cancer. Plus, it is also the birthstone belonging to those born in the month of October. 

Legend believes that you should never give yourself opal since it prescribes bad luck, however, this is simply superstition. 

Due to its amorphous structure, opal is usually considered a ‘transformer’ crystal, meaning it is ideal for those looking to change something but lacking the persistence or courage to see this through. 

A talisman in the form of an opal can enhance your strength, help you become a better version of yourself, and allow you to learn new things. 

Observing, wearing, and touching opals can enhance your psychic abilities – connecting to your cosmic consciousness, providing you with prophetic abilities, and seeing past your past incarnations. 

Plus, you may even experience visions, whereby you’re seeing alternative situations play out that once weren’t visible. 

On top of this, opal is considered to help heal different types of infections, regulate insulin, and purify the urinary and circulatory systems. Plus, it is also said to benefit neurotransmitters and memory. 

Ethiopian Opal

One of the most well-known varieties of opal is the Ethiopian opal. 

As its name suggests, this opal in particular is native to Ethiopia – an African country known for the Rastafari subculture, underground churches, and the Ark of the Covenant. 

Ethiopian Opal Physical Properties

The Ethiopian pearl is characterized as a hydrophane opal that is produced in volcanic ash, between layers of rhyolite. 

It has a glossy surface with a bright base shape and tiny fragments of rainbow glimmering throughout. 

If you have the chance to look at an Ethiopian opal, you’ll notice that it contains tropical jungles, fires, and nebulae all encompassed within. 

On the Mohs scale, the hardness of the stone lies between 5.5 and 6.5 – making it prone to scratches. 

Ethiopian Opal History And Lore

In 1994, brown and red Ethiopian opals were found in the Yita Ridge. Since 2008, the Welo district has been a popular destination for excavating Ethiopian opals. 

Compared to their counterparts found in other parts of the world, these opals change their degree of translucency, don’t crack as easily, and absorb water. 

Moreover, there have been some myths claiming that Ethiopian opals hold dragon energy. 

Ethiopian Opal Metaphysical Properties

Ethiopian Opal Metaphysical Properties

Unlike their opal counterparts, Ethiopian opals aren’t connected to any specific Zodiac sign. 

As previously mentioned, red Ethiopian opals are considered fire stones, with the power to ensure a peaceful rebirth by burning through karma. 

The classic Ethiopian opals have water energy properties; thus, they are ideal during purification rituals – great for when you’re moving to a new house and want to clean it energetically. 

Moreover, if you’re looking to take part in some inner work, then place an Ethiopian opal in the palm of your hand – providing you with the strength to tackle your shadows and stabilize your emotions. 

They also have the capability to perform as a holograph, which is the map to your soul – providing you with access to the past, present, and future to resolve any energetic issues you may face. 

Letting go of any past trouble can help you to renew your spirit, bestowing you with profound metaphysical gifts. 

Ethiopian opals are believed to be able to activate Svadhishthana (the sacral chakra) and Muladhara (the root chakra). Keeping these stones close by will provide you with a sense of safety – allowing you to express your true self without fear of judgment. 

Before adventuring on journeys into the unknown, establishing these two conditions are important. But, don’t worry, the Ethiopian opal will have you covered – adding emotional equilibrium and restoring the joy in your life. 

Final Thoughts…

In addition to their beautiful appearance, opals contain a lot of beneficial properties many people aren’t aware of – some of which include metaphysical properties. 

In their true form, opals are known to purify the kidneys and blood, disperse infections, and regulate insulin production. Therefore, they are worth adding to your collection!

You can gain these benefits by keeping the gemstone near you at all times, whether this is achieved through jewelry or simply holding the stone. Hopefully, this could have informed you about the metaphysical properties of opal. 

Andrea Daehma