15 Beautiful Water Crystals

The element of water is used in rituals and ceremonies in both Western and Eastern cultures. In metaphysical practices, water is considered to be sacred and powerful, connected to the spiritual realms.

15 Beautiful Water Crystals

There are lots of ways to amplify the powers of water, and one of the most popular ways is to use crystals that are tied to this wonderful element.

There are so many different crystals that are associated with water, but to save some time, we are going to take a look at some of the best and most beautiful.

We will be talking about 15 absolutely beautiful water crystals that you can use in your rituals and practices today. If you need some extra water energy in your life, these crystals will help you out!

15 Beautiful Water Crystals

Water generally symbolizes things like balance, harmony, abundance, and healing, and each of these crystals has these qualities, as well as more qualities unique to the crystal itself.

You are sure to find a crystal you are drawn to in this list, so if you couldn’t find the right water crystal for your practice once you’ve gained a deeper understanding of them!

1. Alexandrite


The first stone on this list comes in the form of Alexandrite. This is a beautiful crystal that changes color based on the angle at which it is viewed.

This stone is considered a water crystal because it has many qualities that are associated with it. It is a stone of purification and will wash away any negative energy or emotions you may be harboring.

It also encourages creativity and soothes your emotions so you no longer feel stressed or anxious.

2. Amazonite

Amazonite was named after the largest river in South America, the Amazon river, so it already has a connection to water from just the name alone.

When it comes to its metaphysical properties, amazonite will attract strength and harmony into your life and wash away any emotions or energies that no longer serve you.

It is light blue in color and when you stare at it, it is like looking into the waters that surround the great river from which it gets its name.

It will fill you with a deep sense of peace and tranquility and cleanse you of any stress you may be feeling.

3. Amethyst

Amethyst might seem like a strange crystal that connects to water, but its soothing and tranquil nature works just as well as the purification powers of water. Amethyst is a very versatile stone and can be used for many different purposes.

It is a protective stone that will banish negative energy from you and it will also boost your intuition. It will help you access your true feelings and trust in those feelings more, giving you a stronger level of confidence.

Amethyst is also a great crystal to use if you practice meditation, as it will aid in getting you into the perfect meditative state.

4. Aquamarine


Aquamarine is one of the most powerful water crystals out there. It looks like the ocean and it has the same healing properties that water is known for.

It will calm and soothe any negative or turbulent energies that are infiltrating your mind and it will keep you grounded and relaxed, regardless of what you have to face.

It is extremely beneficial in terms of your spiritual and mental well-being and will help you balance out your energies to make life more manageable and positive.

5. Celestite

Celestite is a very spiritual stone with powerful connections to water. If you are looking for a stone that will attract peace into your life, then this is the perfect stone for you to use.

It also helps with burnout and helps you to detoxify and start again.

Celestite will stop you from being weighed down by your problems and will help you go with the flow so you can feel more at peace and balanced.

6. Goldstone

Goldstone is a sparkly stone that will help you detoxify and will wash away any negative energy that lingers within you. It will fill you with optimism, joy, and positivity, and it will inspire you to stay motivated in your goals.

It will remind you that even in the darkest of times, there is still light, and if you are going through a difficult time, it will help you get through it and enjoy the good things in life, even when it seems impossible.

7. Kyanite


Kyanite is a crystal that has a very high frequency, so it is very powerful, but it’s gentle in its approach, like calm water. It will aid you in improving your psychic abilities and will encourage you to tune in to them.

This stone will also attract calmness and tranquility in your life, bringing you peace and prosperity when you need it the most.

Because it promotes peace so powerfully, it is perfect if you need help getting into a meditative state, making it a great crystal for meditation.

8. Lapis Lazuli

The name “lapis lazuli” literally translates to “blue stone”. This is a vibrant stone that is reminiscent of deep water and it is a stone that will wash away all the lies and help you see the truth.

This is a stone of knowledge and perfect for those who want to improve their knowledge of all things.

This stone will also help you look within yourself to unearth any hidden talents, which in turn, will help you find your place in life.

9. Opal

Opal is a delicate stone, but it is filled with a vibrant energy that will strengthen your will to live.

It is a powerful stone that will reflect the mood of the person who carries it, but it will also aid in washing away negative energy, transmuting it into something more positive.

Just like water, it will strengthen and heal your body and it will tune into your emotions to help you think and be more positive. This is a truly powerful water stone to keep near you when you need an extra boost.

10. Sapphire


As one of the most precious stones in the whole world, sapphire is a very powerful stone that is filled with plenty of healing energy and is often known as the “stone of wisdom”.

This is a great stone to keep near if you need a bit of help healing emotional and physical issues and it will also help you see things in a truthful and intelligent light.

If you are looking to expand your knowledge in a certain field, a sapphire will help you uncover the truth and gain a clearer understanding.

11. Sodalite

Sodalite is a stone that is perfect for those of an indecisive nature. It will help you make clear decisions and stop you from sitting on the fence.

It will give you a fresh perspective on life and wash away any doubts you may have about your choices. It will cleanse you of uncertainty and give you the confidence to follow through on your decisions.

Sodalite is connected to the Throat Chakra and will help you flow effortlessly in the way you communicate with others.

12. Turquoise

Turquoise is a water stone that heavily promotes harmony in yourself and harmony all around you. It will soothe your emotions and help you to balance them properly, stopping you from thinking and acting irrationally.

Like sodalite, turquoise also works closely with the Throat Chakra, allowing you to communicate clearly and with ease. It will also help you in your creative endeavors and ideas will come to you a lot easier.

13. Tanzanite


Tanzanite works well with all things spiritual. It connects to water and the Third Eye Chakra to boost your intuition and connect to the metaphysical plains.

It will also encourage any dormant psychic powers to awaken within you, allowing you to trust in yourself more confidently. It is also known for its healing powers over the body.

14. Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline may not seem like a water crystal on the surface, but it has the same power and properties water is known for. It promotes balance and serenity within the user and attracts positivity and joy into your life.

It will help you work through any negative emotions you may be feeling, so you can purify yourself and build stronger, and purer relationships with those around you. It’s also filled with healing energy that will purify you of negative emotions.

15. Larimar

Larimar is a beautiful stone that looks like tropical water. It has plenty of healing properties that will help you get in touch with your feminine energy. It will boost your intuition and help you connect to nature and those around you.


Water promotes balance, harmony, and peace, but it can also be a very intense force of nature. Each of these crystals embodies the power of water in different ways and they are fantastic to work with if you feel called to them!

Andrea Daehma