6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

When selecting which crystals you wish to draw power from or to simply wear, the color can often be a rather large factor to consider. The color of a crystal can also impact its abilities and what it can do for. 

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

Not to mention, it can completely ruin your outfit or the color scheme of your home or office. So, you have to be careful when selecting a crystal and its color. 

Below are some of the most beautiful yellow green crystals and what they can do for you. Connect you to the earth or give you a much needed energy boost, these crystals may even be worth clashing with in your outfit. 

Check them out below!

What Do Green Crystals Mean?

Green gemstones are associated with success, nature, and the heart chakra. Each of them has a different meaning, but many are employed to bring good fortune, particularly in relation to money and abundance.

Being associated with the heart chakra makes them useful for finding love or mending a shattered heart.

What Do Yellow Crystals Mean?

The third chakra (solar plexus), willpower, self-assurance, and self-expression are all associated with yellow stones.

The theme with yellow crystals is about discovering your inner sense of your own power and ability to produce outcomes in the actual world. Each stone has a particular meaning.

Yellow crystals are heavily connected with finding your higher truth and manifestation. If you want something, speak it into existence and work for it. 

Crystals which possess the color cycles of both yellow and green can harness the abilities of both. Most commonly, promote growth, self-love and motivation. Excellent if you are working towards a promotion or are looking to make a change in your life. 

6 Yellow Green Crystals 

Below are 6 crystals which possess both yellow and green. We explain their abilities and how to use them. 

1. Epidote 

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

One of the very few stones users should be careful with when carrying is epidote because it is a powerful boosting stone.

It is known for enhancing the emotions you feel and the power you have. If you have a bad day and are carrying an epidote, it will enhance that negative energy. You may want to remove it until you are feeling in better spirits. 

One stone that can really raise your mood beyond what you may have imagined is even possible is epidote. When working with this stone, just be mindful and thoroughly centered in yourself. By doing this, you’ll be able to detect even the smallest variations in yourself.

Epidote is also a fantastic crystal for attracting. Its yellow green color scheme makes it focused on attracting wealth, creativity, and love. Those looking to find their feet in a new situation may use epidote to attract similar people to them. 

To remove your negative traits rather than drawing more of them, program your epidote gemstone to cooperate with them.

Just keep in mind that the epidote’s energies will only enhance the traits you already possess.Concentrate on your best qualities and let this stone’s powers to enhance them.

2. Scapolite

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

Scapolite is a stone of achievement and motivation. If you feel you lack the ability to go after your goals. Scapolite will provide you with the inspiration and energy to do so. 

All of your chakras will be in harmony as a result, allowing for a healthy flow of energies. You can have more sound decision-making when there’s no obstruction in your energy flow, especially when it comes to decisions involving love and your emotions.

This crystal is excellent at bringing a sense of calm. Especially in emotionally charged situations. Scapolite will keep you balanced and allow you to make the best decisions with a clear mind. 

Scapolite can assist in bringing about change in both your environment and your life. To help you get where you need to be to accomplish your goals, this stone will cooperate with you.

Positive feeding energies in scapolite prevent you from becoming worn out or depleted.

Unlike most crystals, scapolite works best when you are asleep. Sleep with a piece of the stone under your pillow to draw on that feeding energy. You will wake up feeling ready, refreshed and rested. 

You can also wear it as jewelry for an extra boost throughout the day. This is best when getting ready to face something emotional or stressful. 

3. Golden Beryl 

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

To link the mind and volition, heliodor, or Golden Beryl. is employed in divination. In attempts to see clearly into the future of events or individuals, it brings the light of awareness.

It provides insight into what might come next in our life and a gleam of knowledge and illumination.

Golden Beryl is a motivation stone. It strengthens your inspirations and allows you to complete any task you set your mind to. As you harness the power of this gorgeous stone you will have more confidence and trust within yourself. 

It also has the ability to cleanse you of any negative energy. It transforms any negative energy within your body into positive energy.

Allowing you to have a clearer thought process and to keep things simple. This stone must be used wisely in order to gain the best benefits. 

Beryl will shield you from harm while traveling if it is worn close to the body. When you’re studying philosophy or conducting research, it will also excite your mind.

If you want the energy of your bedroom to be warm, caring, and compassionate, place a Beryl stone there.

Beryl will improve your relationship’s intimacy with your mate and get rid of any bad energy that may otherwise strain it.

4. Yellow Sapphire 

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

Yellow sapphire imparts prosperity wisdom by helping one actualize their creative energy into form via action, as well as by helping them attract riches and financial abundance into their lives. 

Yellow sapphire stimulates the mind, aiding in the formulation of concepts and objectives, and then focuses that intent through the Solar Plexus Chakra, the will center, enabling one to maintain their vision long enough to bring it into reality. 

Additionally, it promotes experimentation with changing course, inspiring enthusiasm and joyous anticipation about life’s potential.

When the mind is quiet and focused, tension and undesired ideas can be let go thanks to sapphire. It promotes the mind’s awakening to intuition and beauty, providing lightness and joy while reestablishing bodily balance.

Put Yellow Sapphire in your home or money boxes to draw wealth and boost income.

A piece of the stone itself should touch the body if it is being worn or carried. It helps one materialize any vision they want to come true, in addition to bringing financial riches.

5. Peridot 

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

Peridot, also known as the stone of compassion, is thought to balance emotions and the mind to promote excellent health, peaceful sleep, and harmony in interpersonal relationships. 

In addition to inspiring eloquence and creativity, this amiable brilliant green stone also gives joy and good spirits.

The tremendous metaphysical abilities that peridot possesses have been extensively discussed in literature throughout time.

According to legend, if the gem is set in gold, it will reach its full potential as a talisman and gain the ability to banish nighttime terrors including terrifying visions and dreams.

However, for everyday use, you can simply wear a peridot stone as a piece of jewelry. Keeping it close to the body allows the stone to fully connect with your energy and bring ease to your relationships. 

You can also place it around the home to feel the calmness and harmony it can bring to the energy around you. 

6. Yellow Chrysoberyl

6 Beautiful Yellow Green Crystals

Greek words chrysos, which means “golden,” and beryllos, which alludes to the mineral’s beryllium concentration, are the source of the name “chrysoberyl.”

For thousands of years, Chrysoberyl has been a valued gemstone in Asia because it is thought to protect the wearer from the evil eye.

Negative ideas are changed into positive energy by chrysoberyl. It builds self-worth and boosts self-confidence.

Chrysoberyl aids in allowing you to view a scenario or problem from all angles. It promotes charity and compassion and fosters forgiving.

 The virtues of self-control and discipline are brought by chrysoberyl. It encourages focus and learning, allowing the wearer to think clearly and strategically.

Yellow Chrysoberyl connects the solar plexus and crown chakra, allowing you to be in harmony within yourself to open yourself to new possibilities. You may find yourself healing in the mind and heart which will slowly bring you a sense of inner peace. 

Final Thoughts 

Yellow Green crystals are a little rarer as the combination of both colors is rarely appreciated. Often too yellow or too green. 

However, the stones above harness the abilities of both yellow and green to allow you to work towards a new you. 

Whether you seek to find the motivation to complete a difficult task or want to find some inner peace, one of the stones above could be the thing you are missing. 

Ensure you are always energized and ready to go with a beautiful yellow green crystal!

Andrea Daehma