Green Onyx: Everything You Need To Know!

Crystal healing has become incredibly popular in recent years, made more prominent by the internet and the sense of community that has developed around the culture. 

Green Onyx Everything You Need To Know!

Proponents of these practices believe in the power that the stones provide, with each offering something a little different to the lives of the individual. 

One such stone is green onyx. But what exactly is it, and what benefits does it provide? 

What Is Green Onyx? 

Found in Brazil, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, and the United States – and often confused for emerald and jade – green onyx is a popular crystalline mineral that has a distinctive formation and structure. 

It is of course characterized by its distinctive green hue, which resembles an earth, brown/green. 

Green onyx is formed through the layering of chalcedony and quartz in a cryptocrystalline formation – something that differs from, say, emerald, which has a Beryl formation. 

As far as hardness goes, green onyx registers as 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively tough and resistant to abrasions and damage. 

What Benefits Does It Provide? 

Of course, to proponents of crystal healing, green onyx provides many gifts that can be more than beneficial to the lives of those in possession of it.

Emotional Healing

Green onyx is purportedly good for imbuing the individual with a heightened level of emotional support – something that can really be good for emotional healing, and overcoming past trauma and issues. 

In this sense it is very much a healing crystal, and for a lot of crystal fanatics, it is one they use in their daily lives as a source of strength and grounding. 

It is a great and handy tool for those seeking to improve themselves and their mental wellbeing – a process that can often be trying, stressful, and paved with bumps and potholes.

With green onyx, you have the benefit of alleviating your brain of fog, and other distracting elements and feelings that could otherwise hinder your process. 

It is also good for those who speak publicly, and can help provide you with the strength, clarity, and courage to say what you need to say. 

It is also beneficial for those with emotional shortcomings, especially those relating to matters of the heart. This means it is good for granting the courage and confidence to ask out your love interest, or indeed be successful in love. 

Spiritual Healing

There are also many spiritual benefits to green onyx, an aspect of ourselves that often gets neglected in our day to day lives. 

Spiritual growth is incredibly important, and can give you a newfound sense of freedom that you never knew you needed.

This tends to revolve around exploring past life trauma, and it is through the process of freeing yourself from those shackles that you can start to live with the courage, peace, and confidence that you were always lacking. 

This idea of past life trauma is related to a concept known as psychometry – which examines the supposed psychic links between objects from the past and an individual in the present.

Due to its qualities towards clarity, concentration, and calm, green onyx is often used as a useful accompaniment and tool to this process – which has increased its popularity tenfold. 

Physical Healing

Green onyx also has many benefits for the physical being, offering the alleviation and correction of many common conditions – including high blood pressure, ulcers, and abdominal disorders. 

These purported healing properties are what has made green onyx such a common aspect of healing through the ages, and has historically been used for the treatment of skin, hair, eyes, and teeth issues. 

The stone itself is also considered to bring youthfulness, vitality, and strength – most likely the source of this association with healing. 

How To Use Green Onyx

Of course, to get the best effects from green onyx, there are numerous ways you can employ the stone into your daily life to grant you everything you need. 

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Wear As Jewelry

Firstly, you could wear it as jewelry. This could be as a ring, a necklace, as a bracelet, or even earrings, and wearing it all the time can give you the sense of calm, peace, and clarity synonymous with protection of this kind. 

This is the best way to have daily protection and peace of mind – and what better way to combat the stress and negative energy of the day to day world than with a piece of green onyx jewelry. 

At Work

You could have it in the workplace – either on your desk, or in a drawer – to relieve the stress of the daily grind, and to give you the confidence, courage, and strength to fight your battles, handle the demands of bosses, and to approach each day with a smile. 

Work can be a huge stressor for many people, and the amount of negative energy we are confronted with in the workplace is usually high. This is why you need as much protection as possible to get the most from your day. 

At Home

Having green onyx around your home can have many benefits to your day to day life. Firstly, it is an attractive stone, which will look great as a statement piece.

Secondly, and most importantly, it will help to protect your home and your loved ones – turning your home into what it should be; namely a place of sanctuary and peace. 

We all need somewhere we feel safe and secure – somewhere we can decompress from the stress of the day and the real world. And with green onyx, you can imbue your home with all the benefits you need to make this dream a reality.

In The Car

Green onyx is rich in calmness, peace, and clarity – and what better states of mind to be in when out on the road with other drivers.

Driving can cause negative emotions, such as stress, anger, and anxiety – thus, green onyx makes the perfect passenger to any journey, ensuring you keep your cool, and most importantly your focus, to keep you and other drivers safe at all times. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about green onyx, and the properties, meanings, and powers it can provide to the individual. 

It’s true that green onyx holds many powers, many of which can benefit you in your day to day life – ridding you of the negative energy, and bringing you closer to the peace, calm, and happiness you desire.

Andrea Daehma