Malachite Vs Jade

Jade and malachite are both quite beautiful stones, but they are so much more than just stunning green stones. Both malachite and jade have metaphysical and spiritual properties which can only be described as impactful.

Malachite Vs Jade

But what are the main differences between these two stones, and which one is better? Well, that is what we are going to go over in this article. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about malachite versus jade. Let’s get started!

Physical Difference Between Malachite And Jade

Before we take a closer look at the spiritual and metaphysical properties of these two stones, it is important that we take a look at what the physical differences are between both jade and malachite.

Malachite Is Not As Tough As Jade

Both jade and malachite have different harnesses. Precious gems and stones are given values that indicate their hardness. Malachite has a 3.5 score on the Mohs hardness scale, to give you an idea of what this means.

Malachite scores just above pearls on hardness. Because of this score, malachite can be scratched or shattered quite easily. Jade is made up of two main elements, Jadeite which scores a seven on the Mohs scale, and nephrite which scores a six on the Mohs scale.

So, on average, jade scores a 6.5 on the Mohs scale, which is quite impressive and much harder than malachite.

Malachite Tends To Come In Larger Specimens

Malachite is a little more common than jade, and it is most often in large deposits. The specimens for this stone can be anywhere from several metric tons to several kilos.

Malachite specimens can be so big, that you can be large enough to make a single carved piece of art. Jade on the other hand does not typically come out in large pieces. As such, jade is more typically used to make very detailed ornaments and jewelry.

Jade Can Come In More Colors Than Malachite

Malachite will only come in a striking green color, which has bluish undertones. They can be darker or lighter, but the hue of this stone does not alternate that much. At most, there may be some stones that are a little bluer or a little more yellow.

Jade, on the other hand, can come in a few different colors. What color your stone is will depend on whether you are getting jade, which is nephrite or jadeite.

Jade can come in several colors including the following: Pale Yellow, Yellow-Green, Light Green, Apple Green, Deep Green, Grey-Black, Blue-Green, and in very rare cases, jade can be either pink or light purple.

Jade Has A Natural Luster To It

Jade has a natural shine and luster to it, even in its raw form. With just a simple cut, and polish, it can look like beautiful stained glass. Especially in regard to the smoothness and luster. Malachite, on the other hand, or not lustrous in its raw form.

Even after it has been cut and polished, it will not be as lustrous and smooth as jade. In order to get a nice smooth finish, malachite needs to be polished quite seriously and may need to be coated in resin.

All About Jade

So, let’s talk about jade and all the properties associated with it. In this section, we are going to take a closer look at everything you need to know about jade.

Is Jade Safe For Elixirs?

Nephrite, which is a kind of jade, has a high risk of being toxic to people. There is a possible risk of getting silicosis with this form of jade. Jadeite, on the other hand, is not known for being toxic to people.

How Do You Clean Jade?

Jade can be negatively affected by warm acids, which makes it better to clean this stone using warm soapy water.

How Hard Is Jade?

There are two forms of jade. Jadeite, which has a 6.5 to 7 hardness on the Mohs hardness scale, and nephrite, which has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

What Color Is Jade?

Jade can come in a range of colors, including the following: Pale Yellow, Yellow-Green, Light Green, Apple Green, Deep Green, Grey-Black, Blue-Green, and sometimes jade can be either pink or light purple.

What Are The Spiritual And Metaphysical Properties Of Jade?

Jade is known to keep those that wear them safe from harm. It brings harmony to those that wear it. But that is not all, this stone can attract good luck and friendship.

All About Malachite

Malachite Vs Jade

Malachite is a gorgeous stone with many great properties. In this section, we are going to go over everything you need to know about it.

Is Malachite Safe For Elixirs?

Malachite can be toxic, there is a high risk of getting ill if you consume elements in this stone. This stone is copper and soluble in acids. This makes it unsafe to use in elixirs.

How Do You Clean Malachite?

The best way to clean malachite and not damage the stone is to use a soft cloth. This way you are less likely to scratch the delicate surface of malachite.

How Hard Is Malachite?

Malachite is quite a soft stone that has a Mohs hardness between 3.5 and 4.0. It is a soft stone that can chip and get scratched quite easily.

What Color Is Malachite?

Malachite will usually be a bright or dark green with light green or yellowish bands. They do not have a lot of color variations.

What Are The Spiritual And Metaphysical Properties Of Malachite?

Malachite clears and activates chakras while also attuning spiritual guidance. This stone is known for opening the heart to unconditional love. It also encourages you to take risks and it breaks unwanted lies.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about both jade and malachite. Their physical properties and spiritual qualities may be similar, but these stones are very different. Jade is a stone that symbolizes gentleness, serenity, harmony, and balance.

Malachite on the other hand is thought of as the essence of joy. It is a stone of transformation that can help to heal the body of emotional pain. Hopefully, you have learned something by reading this article.

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