The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

Hope is the only emotion that defies and overcomes fear. It is the beacon of light in the pitch-black dark.

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

And without it, we would never have the strength and courage to keep one foot in front of the other when times get tough.

It might not be the first feeling you think of when you imagine when you think of powerful and all-consuming emotions, but the unrelenting power of hope should never be underestimated. It is the fuel to the fire of change. 

Hope can mean many different things to different individuals. In its simplest form, it can really just be synonymous with desire. We hope it’s sunny tomorrow. We hope it’s quiet at work.

We hope we get that present we really wanted for our birthdays. But it also has a much deeper meaning too. Hope encompasses faith, determination, ambition, belief, and optimism too.  

And these are things we must all hold onto tightly when life gets rough. Without hope we have nothing. We are destined to allow the winds of fate to dictate our lives.

A hopeless life is a worse fate than any situation life could ever throw our way. And this is why it is imperative to harness as much hope as possible. 

And thankfully, there are a lot of crystals that can help with that. In this article, we’ll take a look at them all. 

Crystals Related To Hope

1. Amazonite

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

Since amazonite has many encouraging abilities, it is often seen as a crystal associated with hope. It is known to boost self-esteem and confidence.

This beautiful crystal will help you think with a clear mind and can help you really focus on your ambitions and goals. Not only this but it is well-known for dispelling any negative thoughts that you may be holding onto. 

It also has a very lucky quality. And will often be worn by gamblers for good fortune. So there’s a very good chance that this stone will also make those hopes and dreams come true! 

2. Aventurine 

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

If you are struggling and feeling helpless then aventurine will be a lifesaver for you. Not only is it known to bring extremely good luck, but it is renowned for its ability to rid you of baggage that holds you back. 

If you feel as if past experiences are holding you back from being hopeful, this stone will allow you to be at one with the past, let go, and finally move forward.

It allows you to no longer focus on the disappointments where hope may have previously failed you and enables you to look toward new possibilities with eagerness and optimism. 

For lost and helpless souls, this stone will bring you inner peace and can heal your heartache. You will find much comfort in this aventurine stone. 

3. Peridot 

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

Regardless of any endeavor or pursuit, this gorgeous glowing green stone will give you that well-needed pick-me-up.

It is known for inspiring both hope and optimism. Positive energy flows freely through this stone that brings abundance and joy to those who use it. 

The great thing about this crystal is that it will help you to let go of painful past experiences that may be hindering your ability to hope with genuine belief, trust, and optimism.

To be hopeful, you must have the ability to persevere during even the most difficult of times, and this stone will give you the willingness and determination to do so.

4. Sunstone 

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

The sunstone is another powerful tool you can use in the face of adversity. When you are lacking in hope, the life-giving vitality of the crystal will ensure positivity and optimism. 

And if it is important for your hopes to come true, then you couldn’t do better than this stone which is linked to good luck, bountiful fortune, and unlimited wealth.

In fact, many Vikings used to wear this stone during uncertain explorations of unknown lands. Ancient greeks also often turned to this stone for protection. 

5. Rose Quartz

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

This stunning stone is well-revered for its links to unconditional love. This makes it the perfect option for those whose hopes are primarily based on matters of the heart.

Whether these matters refer to romantic or platonic relationships, it is sure to provide you with the hope and strength that you need. 

Not only this, but the gem is also very good for self-love too. So if you have personal hopes, it can help encourage self-confidence and belief.

This stone will allow you to feel worthy of others’ love and can give you the determination and desire, along with the confidence, to go out and make your own hopes and dreams a reality. 

6. Snowflake Obsidian

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

This stone is very closely linked to manifestation and is known as a stone of intuition.

This stone will allow you to see your destined path more clearly and help you make the correct choices that will ensure you head in the right direction.

It will highlight your own abilities and talents and give you more belief in yourself to make your hopes come true. This stone will really help fulfill your hopes. 

It will also help you to clearly see when your hopes are being threatened so that you can make the correct decisions (Also check out Best Crystals For Decision Making) to ensure their safety.

It will keep you from avoiding the very mistakes that could make your hopes crumble to the ground. This stone will certainly help guide your heart. 

7. Lepidolite 

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

When you are sick with worry or stress, from difficult life experiences hope can feel like a very distant emotion.

But this is when hope is needed most. This is where lepidolite can massively help you to regain this hope. 

This stone has a very calming and nurturing nature and can help bring you serenity at even your worst moments. It can really help to calm anxieties so that you can see past them.

As it is connected to the 4th chakra, it allows you to open your heart and fully accept and come to terms with difficult situations. 

This crystal promotes acceptance and a deeper understanding where otherwise you might feel emotionally blocked. It allows those negative emotions to dissipate so that you can make way for positivity, optimism, and hope. 

8. Spinel

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

Negative emotions can be hard to battle against. They are strong and all-consuming and they can act as a hope-blocker.

If you are feeling like there is no way to pull yourself from a pessimistic abyss, spinel can be your lifeline. 

This is a stone of hope, revitalization, and the joy of being alive. It does a really good job of boosting enthusiasm and dispelling toxic thoughts and feelings. It also helps to bring composure and energy to your body, soul, and mind. 

If you are in desperate need of a change of perspective and a less gloomy and dark outlook on life, you should definitely turn to the spinel stone. 

9.  Tiger Eye

The Best Crystals To Inspire Hope

Life will give you massive ups, and just as quickly, it can make you crash to your absolute lowest.

If you can not stay calm and centered during these lower times, you’ll never be able to effectively use hope to climb your way back up to the top again. 

Luckily, this is exactly what the tiger eye stone specializes in. It specifically helps to keep the balance in your life and allows you to take life in its stride.

It enables endurance and the best state of mind, ensuring that you never become overwhelmed, reactionary, and most importantly hopeless. 

For those who feel like they lack an understanding of their true self, values, or dreams, this stone could not be more helpful. As it works on all of the three lower chakras, it will work really well to solidify you into a strong person with self-belief.  

Final Thoughts

If you’re feeling a little hopeless as of late, don’t despair. We have all had moments where life has kicked us while we’re down and made us question our faith.

Having those shaky moments isn’t what is important, it’s how we move forward and regain our hope that is much more significant. Sometimes it can feel like hope abandons us when we need it most.

But this usually happens because we fill out minds with negative thoughts and emotions. We do not allow it to prevail because we almost forget it is there as we are so focused on the worst outcomes. 

This is why it is really important to use these crystals to boost those feelings of positivity and dispel all the pessimism.

These stones will calm your anxieties and allow you to have a new fresh outlook on life where hope can grow and thrive. And with hope, aspirations, and self-belief, anything is possible.

So be sure to check out these stones to tap into your unlimited potential and turn those hopes and dreams into fruition. 

Remember to never lose hope. It conquers all.

Andrea Daehma