What Crystals Cannot Be Together?

Crystals are often used to tap into a person’s spiritual world to help them connect with the vibrations of the universe, as well as to help manifest desires.

What Crystals Cannot Be Together

For example, a person may use crystals as a way to strengthen their confidence or to attract a romantic partner.

Having certain crystals together can help to build up extra energy that is needed to bring those feelings to the forefront.

Crystals can have the ability to motivate you to push forward on achieving those desires.

However, while certain gemstone combinations can attract wealth and general positivity, there are crystals that should not be together.

They conflict with each other, meaning that they cancel out another crystal’s benefits.

This makes the other crystal pointless, and you will not be able to manifest the hopes that you are after.

While having conflicting crystals will not bring you any negative energy or cause your life to have bad luck, it will mean that the crystals are not working efficiently.

For this reason, in this article you will find what crystals cannot be together. So, read on to find out more about conflicting crystals.

Which Crystals Conflict With Each Other?

These days, it is not uncommon to fill your living space with lots of different crystals, or wear a few gemstones at a time within your jewelry.

All of this is done in the hope that these different crystals will help to manifest particular desires and positive vibes (see also ‘How to Manifest with Crystals‘).

However, while you might be placing this crystal there and that crystal over here, did you know that you could be canceling out another crystal’s benefits?

While we have put together a short list on which crystals cannot be together, there are many more combinations.

This is because there are lots of crystals, and also because it actually depends on what you are using the crystals for.

In these combinations below we have written about the most common reasons why the gemstones do not go together. So, let’s take a look at them.

Blue Lace Agate And Orange Calcite

Both of these crystals are really good to use. The blue lace agate is often used for anxiety and stress due to it having a calming effect.

Orange calcite on the other hand helps ideas come to you, letting both your imagination and creativity kick into gear.

As you can see, both of these gemstones have very different outcomes.

For this reason, you will not want to put them together. One is asking you to be energetic and the other wants you to be calm.

Amazonite And Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye (see also ‘Can Tiger Eye Go in Water‘) is often used for those who want to build up their confidence. It allows you to have lots of energy, as well as live free and boldly. If you think about it, this is a lot like a tiger, hence its name.

What Crystals Cannot Be Together

On the other hand, amazonite is used by those who want to rest and sleep. Putting these two crystals together will cancel out the other one.

They are complete opposites! This means that you are likely to struggle with sleep, rather than feel the benefits of the amazonite.

Smoky Quartz And Tiger’s Eye

Speaking of the tiger’s eye, it also should not be put with smoky quartz. These two gemstones are trying to do the opposite thing – unless you have a particular intention.

While the tiger’s eye is all about helping you to harness the energy around you and to use it for something like confidence, the smoky quartz is attempting to block the energy.

This is due to the fact that smoky quartz is often used for empathy protection. People keep smoky quartz as a way to shield themselves from energy that surrounds them.

So, if you use both of these crystals together, you are just letting one crystal give out its energy and the other one block it.

However, if your intention is for the tiger’s eye to help focus your mind and the smoky quartz to protect you from energy to also help you focus, then it is fine to use together.

Clear Quartz And A Wrong Kind Of Crystal

You may already know this, but clear quartz is used to amplify the benefits of another gemstone.

For this reason, when you place the clear quartz with another crystal, it will amplify the other crystal’s powers and vibrations.

While this is actually a really positive thing, you will want to make sure that you have teamed the clear quartz crystal with a correct gemstone.

If not, you could be amplifying the wrong thing into your life. For example, if you have placed citrine alongside clear quartz, then you will need to understand your reasonings.

If you suffer from anxiety and have been using citrine by accident, then putting it with clear quartz will only make things worse.

This is because citrine is used to motivate and to bring energy.

Anxious people do not need to feel like their nervous system is going fast and crazy. So, in this case, the clear quartz has amplified the wrong sort of vibrations.

For this reason, always make sure you know exactly what crystals you are using. It is okay to pair clear quartz with a crystal, just make sure it is the correct one.

Final Thoughts

Using crystals to bring positive vibes and desires into your life is a wonderful and spiritual thing to do.

While you might collect crystals over time for various things, you could also be canceling out the benefits by placing certain gemstones together.

Fortunately, we have written a short list for you to get started using some common crystals and crystal combinations.

While the list is a lot longer than the one above, you may want to take a look at the rest of our website to find out what crystals do go together.

Once you realize that you have crystals which are affecting the benefits of another, you can find out what other crystals may go alongside it to encourage extra positive vibrations your way.

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