What Does A Green Aura Mean?

Being able to sense, understand and interpret auras is an important skill that can be used for many different purposes, and it helps you to obtain a greater connection with the wider Universe and your own higher power.

Green is a color that is commonly reported in auras – but just why is this important, and what does it mean for the individual? We took a closer look at all you need to know about reading and understanding auras, and the impact that they can have on your daily life.

What Does A Green Aura Mean?

What Is An Aura?

An aura is an energy field that surrounds every human and is created by the vibrations of emotions and thoughts within ourselves, and also from other people and things around us.

For the most part, these energy fields are invisible, yet in some cases, certain individuals can see them as colors or patterns of light around people and objects. 

According to experts, seven main layers make up an aura, and these are as follows:

1. Etheric Layer

This layer is the closest physically to the body, at one to two inches away from the surface. It is also associated with the root chakra, which governs our physical needs.

2. Emotional Layer

The second layer is the emotional layer, which extends around three inches outwards, and is connected to the sacral chakra. As the name suggests, the emotional layer is connected to our conscious and subconscious thoughts and emotions.

3. Mental Layer

The third layer, known as the mental layer, focuses on our thought process and is associated with the solar plexus, or the third chakra.

4. Astral Layer

The fourth layer is the astral layer, which is located between five and six inches outwards and connects the physical with the spiritual realms, with a connection to the heart chakra.

5. Etheric Template

The fifth layer is the etheric template, linked to the throat chakra. It is often described as being the blueprint of the physical body, as it has an existence and manifestation on the physical plane.

6. Celestial Layer

Linked to the third eye chakra, the celestial later is often deemed to be the spot at which the spiritual connection begins, and is described as being the layer of unconditional love.

7. Spiritual Layer

The seventh and final layer of an aura is linked to the crown chakra and boasts the strongest spiritual connection and link to psychic abilities and strength.

What Does A Green Aura Mean?

Now that we have taken a closer look at the nature and makeup of auras, it is time to consider the colors more closely. A green aura is said to be related to the heart chakra and focuses on the love that we have for ourselves, and for those around us.

The heart chakra focuses on qualities such as compassion, empathy, kindness, gratitude, generosity, loyalty, 

trustworthiness, and selflessness.

Some of the main meanings and interpretations behind a green aura (see also, ‘What Does a Red Aura Mean?‘) include:


A green aura (see also, ‘What Does an Orange Aura Mean?‘) is often interpreted as meaning that someone loves themselves, and others, and is therefore happy and content with their own life. This may also indicate that the person will be kind, generous, loving, and compassionate toward others.

Healthy Living

If you notice a green aura surrounding yourself, then this could mean that you are living a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of yourself. You might even be feeling good about your health, and how well you are doing.

Positive Thinking

If you notice a green aura around another person, they may be thinking positively about themselves, and their situation. They may be thinking about all the positive aspects of their lives, and not focusing on any negative ones.

Connection To Nature

A green aura is often associated with a strong connection to nature and the natural world. If you see a green aura surrounding someone, then they may be very in tune with the environment around them, and the natural world in general.

Peaceful Environment

If you notice a deep green aura surrounding someone, this can mean that there is peace in their surroundings. There may be no conflict, no arguments, and no stress. Everything is going smoothly, and everyone is getting along just fine.

What Does A Green Aura Mean?

How Can I Read Someone’s Aura?

As we mentioned, auras are not typically visible in everyday life, but there are steps that you can take that can help you to read the aura of another person, and understand the colors and implications of this.

There are a few steps to reading an aura, and these are as follows:

1. Get The Right Positioning

The first step is to ensure that you have the right position – ask the person whose aura you are reading to stand back and away from you, and against a plain background – white is the best option here.

Make sure that the background is as plain and simple as possible, and use natural light.

2. Focus On One Spot

The next step is to focus on a single spot on the other person – if you are looking at their head, then focus on one point on their forehead, or use their nose as a focal point.

Relax your gaze as much as possible – the goal is to encourage your peripheral vision to be activated, so that you can see what is happening to the sides of the person, rather than what is right in front of you.

3. Notice The Aura

Once you are focused correctly, you will start to notice a shadowy outline around the edge of the person, which represents their aura. As you continue to stare at the spot, you will begin to notice different shades of color within the aura.

These colors represent different emotions and different parts of the body. For example, reds are usually seen in the chest area, blues in the stomach area, yellow in the hands, greens in the face, and purples in the feet.

4. Move Your Eyes

Very gently start to move your eyes over the person’s body, noticing where the colors appear. This will allow you to get a better understanding of the person’s energy, and their overall state of mind.

Keep things gentle and slow, and don’t rush through it; with practice, you will be able to start to make out colors and shades within the aura and can use these to gain more information about the person.

Final Thoughts

Reading auras is something that takes time to learn, but with a little experience and practice, you can start to pick up on some of the basics.

It is important to remember that each person has a unique aura and that it changes depending on how they feel – this is one area where practice really makes perfect.

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