Apache Tears: Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

Sometimes also called Obsidianite or Marekanite, Apache Tears are a rare Obsidian variety that form as small stones. It is created when water is absorbed when silica-rich lava is cooling and contained in a mineral called Perlite.

Apache Tears Meaning, Powers, And Healing Properties

Though Apache Tears are similar to Black Obsidian, they definitely have a softer effect. They are also dark and smokey to look at typically, but become translucent if you hold it up to the light.

Apache Tears Meaning

As mentioned, the obsidian found in Apache Tears is a much more mild version of the original crystal, and that is what makes Apache Tears perfect for children. 

Younger people have much more sensitive energies, and cannot often handle their emotions being focused the way that more powered crystals might. However, that doesn’t mean that adults can’t benefit from Apache Tears as well. 

Negative Energy can be absorbed, protecting your energy field and supporting you in the long run. 

This crystal can help you establish a steady connection between your root chakra and mother Earth, leaving you feeling much more grounded and anchored. 

Apache Tears can also play an important role if you are currently in the grieving process or otherwise in need of consolation. This is because they are volcanic (see also ‘Indigo Gabbro: The Basics‘), and therefore their energy can inspire strength and bravery, even through the most difficult of times. 

These crystals are named as they were traditionally believed to be formed from the tears of Apache women who lost their husbands in battles. This belief fills the stones with the strength, solidarity, and compassion held by anyone who has lost someone they loved very dearly. 

Apache Tears Healing Properties

The Apache Tear crystal is a very powerful stone for those looking to progress on with their life. It encourages and supports you through a journey of forgiveness, spontaneity, and in removing negative thoughts from your head (see also ‘13 Beautiful Crystals For Forgiveness‘). 

It can be an incredibly useful stone in balancing your emotions. This could be through helping you to cry when you’re sad – particularly if you’re guilty of repressing tears of grief. 

In fact, though Apache Tears hold the properties of Obsidian in all of its forms, this particular crystal has a particular affinity for the grief-stricken and bereaved, perhaps because of its traditional association with the grief of Indigenous Americans. 

Because of its much milder vibration, the Apache Tear gemstone feels a lot friendlier than the more potent forms of black obsidian, leaving you to feel more at ease with them. 

This is a stone that is most powerful when it has not been altered or changed in any way since being discovered, and perhaps it’s for that reason that we find a lot of comfort in this crystal. It’s a little deformed and not particularly polished – if this rock can still be beautiful and strong, maybe I can be too. 

Apache Tears are still powerful, however, especially for anchoring and cleaning your unwanted emotions so that you can move on. 

Wearing Apache Tears

Anytime that you wear something akin to an arrowhead shape around your neck, it acts as a protective sign. The Apache Tear obsidian will be able to sit close to your heart and protect it by absorbing your negative energy and restoring your aura.

Obsidian can free its wearer of resentment, wrath, fear, and grief, allowing them to feel liberated, present, and serene. 

If you’re going to wear this rock, you should find yourself feeling comforted, and at peace – your energy and aura protected. 

Apache Tears At Home

If you are struggling with a loss, perhaps of a pet or loved one, keeping these stones around the house may help keep spirits higher and you and your family able to bask in the good times without falling down the hole of grief. 

Absorbing your negative habits and thoughts will also have an effect on your happiness and confidence, leading you to financial success and stronger connections with your family.

These characteristics should come in handy if you’re wanting to improve your situation when asking for a promotion or a raise, or even starting your own business. 

Leave these rocks where you feel like you need to most support with your negative or grief stricken thoughts. This could be the bedroom, the lounge, or even a picture of someone you lost. 

Apache Tears And Meditation

Though it goes against everything we’re taught when we’re young, I promise that it’s okay to leave a job half finished or incomplete.

Sometimes we spend weeks or even months on a certain thing, and then we realize, all these months later, that it isn’t working out, or it isn’t worth committing the time or month or energy into it. 

Sitting in thought or meditating with this crystal should help you discern what your next move should be, and whether quitting is going to be your best course of action. 

In order to get the most out of this gemstone, is to hold it in your nondominant hand, and sit in a sitting meditation position. Feel the couch or the floor beneath you, and allow yourself to feel more grounded. 

Apache Tears And Chakras

Apache Tears have a terrific grounding force. In the case of our chakras, we should be able to wrangle our spirits back to the earth if we find that it has been wandering for too long.

Apache Tears to this by helping us connect our spiritual bodies with physical ones, and ensuring that the two are balanced. 

It’s almost like Apache Tears are like a spiritual hug. Soothing your negative emotions, grounding you, performing the emotional heimlich. These crystals are very often associated with the heart chakra, and the heart beats to emit good vibes, love, kindness, and compassion. 

Apache Tears Forms

You can wear or find all kinds of these gemstones, particularly around your neck as a pendant. However, this stone shouldn’t be tumbled or polished too much (see also, ‘How to Tumble Crystals‘), as so much of its power is derived from the fact that its shape is rough and uneven. 

Apache Tears Origin

As previously mentioned, these gemstones are followed by a legend that claims that they were formed following a tragic event in American history. According to this story, Apache women mourned day and night for all those that they lost during a terrible battle during the American Indian war. 

As a result of all of that mourning , their tears created these oval-shaped stones known as Apache Tears. Legend has it that anyone who owns, wears, or simply carries this stone will never have to grieve again, because the Apache women shed enough tears for all who mourn. 

Though the origin isn’t necessarily true, the sentiment behind it is powerful enough to link though struggling with grief, and create a mental connection of compassion and support to all who need it. 

Final Thoughts On Apache Tears

These crystals are like a spiritual hug for anyone who is struggling through grief or negative emotions (see also ‘15 Crystals To Help You Cope With Sadness And Grief‘). They can absorb your negative energy and replace it with strength, and bravery.

You are mentally connected to all those who have suffered loss when you wear it, the solidarity providing comfort. You are allowed to feel confident and supported, even when your world seems to be shattering. 

Apache Tears are a wonderful gem with a quiet power, useful for adults, but also for children. 

Apache Tears Facts

Color: Brown to Black
Crystal Structure: Amorphous
Hardness: 5 – 5.5
Transparency: Smokey Translucent 
Chemical Composition: SiO2, MgO, Fe3O4
Chakras: Root and Heart
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius (in some circles) 
Numerical Vibration: 1
Location: Superior, Arizona. Nevada, Southwestern Utah
Rarity: Rare
Emotional Conditions: Supporting grief.

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