18 Beautiful And Powerful Gray Crystals

When you are shopping for jewelry, it is expected that you might overlook a gray color. This is because it is often seen as drab and not very eye-catching, however, this type of gemstone comes with many spiritual properties.

18 Beautiful And Powerful Gray Crystals

However, one of the great things about this type of gemstone is the fact that it can blend in with most types of outfits and is one of the classier colors.

If you want to exude radiant and sophisticated energy, then we would certainly suggest you consider the color gray.

So where can you get a gray stone? What properties does this type of stone have to help you gain confidence or amplify some of your better qualities?

Well, there are plenty of options that you can choose from, here are our favorite 18 gray stones below.

1. Gray Agate

Gray Agate

This stone is one of the softest and smoothest that we have ever tried. It comes in layers of grey that work to form a warped effect that will complement any muted style of clothing, no matter what the color or the occasion.

This kind of stone will be very easy to clean and because of the texture is not susceptible to a lot of dirt or grime. This is great for fashioning into a pendant or a pair of earrings. We would certainly recommend this for your evening wear.

2. Gray Chalcedony

This stone is great if you want something that you can wear day in and day out without it fracturing. One of the problems of having larger stones is that they are more susceptible to breaking.

This is great for pairing with a silver bracelet, as it will blend well with the pale gray stone. This is a very durable material, coming in an opaque design that will not draw too much attention to itself in the way that a lot of other jewelry does.

3. Gray Diamonds

When you think of diamonds, then you might be thinking about the clear kind that twinkles in the light, however, there are such things as gray diamonds.

This type of diamond comes in a selection of different shades of gray from charcoal to slate gray.

Just because this type of diamond might be darker in tone, that does not mean that it does not suit all types of skin tones and outfit.

If you are wearing burgundy or turquoise, then we would certainly recommend a large gray diamond as a centerpiece.

4. Gray Fluorite

This is a stone that has a reputation for coming in vivid coloring, even if it is gray. This type of stone comes in a wide range of colors, so you should be able to find something that will suit your style of clothing.

You might not find this one used as jewelry, as it is more commonly used in ornaments that you might have around your house.

This gem is also said to give off calming vibes, so why not get a big lump of it as the centerpiece of your living room or to give off calming vibes as people enter through the hallway?

5. Gray Hematite

Gray Hematite

This next stone has a metallic style coloring that will go great with a more industrial style outfit (that is, leather and denim).

This stone has been said to absorb a lot of negative energy, so if you are feeling down on yourself or are working in a negative environment, then get this to draw in more positivity.

The one downside of this stone is the fact that it can break quite easily. This means that you might only want to reserve this stone for special occasions. We would recommend this type of stone for use as earrings.

6. Gray Labradorite

This type of stone seems transparent, but you can be sure that it contains a lot of potent properties. This stone is another that has been said to draw in all the negative energy around you, clearing your mind for positive thoughts only.

This is a slightly duller color than a lot of other gray gemstones, which means that it will blend in much easier with muted colors. You can get these stones in a plain color, but you can also get one with streaks of hematite inside (see also ‘The Powers And Healing Properties Of Hematite‘).

7. Gray Moonstone

This type of stone comes in all different colors, however, if you want a moonstone to mimic its namesake, then you’ll get it in gray color.

This type of stone is associated with love and passion, said to draw lots of its energy from the moon itself.

However, like a few other stones on this list, this one can break easily if not taken care of.

But whether you are going to the office every day or want a special jewel for a romantic occasion, you can’t go wrong with having a moonstone around your neck.

8. Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian Pearl

This type of stone symbolizes lots of different attributes such as wisdom, clarity and longevity.

So, if you want a project to continue for the foreseeable future, then why not try wearing this pearl around your neck for the duration of the project?

If you hold this pearl up to the light, you will see that it has purple-gray coloring. You can also get much darker gray colors of this stone. You might need to shop around to find the shade of gray that you want.

9. Gray Sapphire

Sapphires are high-grade gems that come in a wide range of different colors, but if you are looking for one that exudes class and elegance, then we would certainly recommend that you get one with gray shading.

This type of stone symbolizes honesty, so if you suspect that someone is not being completely honest with you, then try wearing this stone to coax the truth out of them.

You might have to pay a pretty penny for these stones, but once you have them, they will last you for years.

10. Gray Spinel

One of the neat things about this gem is the fact that if you shine a single ray of light through it, then a single ray will shine out the other side. It will not refract the light in the same manner as a lot of other jewels will.

This gem has been said to clean out all of your chakras, which is great if you are feeling a buildup or blockage of negative energy.

This is also one of the cheapest stones that you can buy, making it amazing for anyone wanting to look good on a budget.

11. Gray Tourmaline

This is a hard, rare stone that is said to bring the wearer a lot of happiness when they put it around their neck. We would also recommend this one for use as earrings.

12. Mother Of Pearl

This type of gemstone can be used for many things: enhancing the imagination, increasing your chances of wealth and giving you greater luck.

13. Tourmalined Quartz

Tourmalined Quartz

This gray gem comes with flecks of black running through it, which is very important if you are wanting a stone for purely aesthetic purposes. This has been shown to absorb negative energy and protect the wearer.

14. Gray Apatite

This type of gemstone is associated with people who want to retain that peace and harmony in their lives that they feel they might have lost.

This is also a great gemstone for bringing you luck, so make sure that you wear it before dealing with adversity in your life.

15. Gray Obsidian

You can get obsidian that is pure black, or you can get one of these stones that are riven with gray.

This is the perfect stone for showing off a certain degree of class, as well as stopping negative emotions from sticking around for too long.

16. Aquamarine

This type of stone comes with shades of gray, blue and green, the combination making something that is wonderfully eye-catching. If you have a fiery temperament, this is stone is said to cool you down.

17. Gray Garnet

This next stone is one that is meant to activate the passions of those who might often struggle to decide on one course of action. This stone has warmth and brightness that will really lift you out of a black mood.

18. Gray Tanzanite

This final stone is rich and radiant in blue and gray, being a great trinket that you can have for bringing inner calm during what might be a turbulent time in your life.

This type of stone will also help you to stimulate your thoughts and dreams, which is great if you want to search for answers to your life within the subconscious realm.


Gray gemstones are not the most common, but it’s their uniqueness is what makes them so appealing to the discerning eye.

However, gray is a very diverse color, so make sure that you hunt around for the shade that will suit your outfit and your personality.

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