Healing Properties And Meaning Of Lepidolite: The Complete Guide

Lepidolite is a beautiful crystal that is very useful in coping with anxiety, remaining calm and getting good quality sleep. 

Healing Properties And Meaning Of Lepidolite: The Complete Guide

This article will explore the crystal, its meaning, healing properties and powers. Read on for more information on Lepidolite!

What Is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a gemstone that is very lithium rich. It is made from potassium silicate and is usually purple, red or pink in color. Although it can come in a lot of different colors, these are the most common. 

It is usually fairly small in size and it is quite rare. This is due to the way in which Lepidolite forms. 

Who Should Use Lepidolite?

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, then you will likely benefit greatly from the Lepidolite crystal.

If you often feel anxious, worried or nervous then, instead of allowing your anxiety to interfere with aspects of your life, you should turn to the Lepidolite crystal to help to manage this anxiety. 

What Is The Meaning Of The Lepidolite Crystal?

The meaning of the Lepidolite crystal is very closely linked to the common colors of the stone. More specifically, the common lavender color that is found in this stone holds the central meaning of the crystal.

This color is associated with crown chakras and the third eye. The features of the crystal mean that it is associated with soothing your mind, relaxing you and allowing your spirit to be at ease. 

The reason for the relaxing quality is closely linked to the contents of lithium within the stone. Lithium is often used as an anti-anxiety medication which means that it is associated with balancing emotions.

Due to the contents of lithium, the crystal should have the power to help in the management of anxiety symptoms. 

The Lepidolite crystal is also very closely linked to sleep. The ability of the stone to relieve anxiety and stress means that it will help you to get good quality sleep. The calming effect that the stone has on you will help you to get more deep sleep. 

The practice of crystals is very powerful so it is very important to ensure that you keep your mind open and give yourself the opportunity to interpret the crystal in a way that suits you.

The relaxing and serenity that this crystal brings will help you to harness the energy that you need for other aspects of your body, spirit and mind.

History Of The Lepidolite Crystal 

The word Lepidolite comes from the Greek word scale. It describes the flaky aspect of the gemstone. It was not known as Lepidolite until the 1800s. Before this, the gemstone was known as Lilalite. This is because of the purple color. 

The content of lithium in the gemstone has given the gemstone its use. It has the highest lithium content of any crystal in the world.

The contents of this crystal have been used to treat mental health problems in the past, and lithium is still used in anti anxiety medication today. 

The crystal is made up of cesium and rubidium too which are very unique components of crystals. It is a very positive crystal due to the number of essential components that it contains. 

Due to the sheer amount of minerals that it contains, the Lepidolite crystal is extremely valuable to many different communities and it has been for many years. 

The crystal has been used over the years, and it is believed to be a very calming force that allows you to balance your emotions, anxieties and aid you with sleep issues. 

Uses Of The Lepidolite Crystal

Managing Anxiety 

It can be very difficult to deal with feelings of anxiety. Usually, all you want is to feel calm again and return to a place where you are able to relax and stay calm. 

When this happens, the Lepidolite crystal can be very useful. You should use it by maintaining physical connections with the crystal. For instance, you could keep the crystal in your lap to touch when you begin to feel anxious.

If you think of the crystal as a stabilizing energy then you can use it to bring you back to earth and keep the feeling of clarity that you are hoping to maintain. 

If you use this crystal you will have the chance to hold onto a more peaceful energy and let go of any feelings of anxiety that may be holding you back. This will also help you with rationalizing thoughts and emotions.

Another way of explaining this is that the crystal gives you the chance to replace damaging patterns with ones that are good for you.

The lithium content within the stone is very important for balancing your emotions, allowing you to react more slowly and rationally. 

Sleeping Soundly 

If you struggle with getting to sleep at night this crystal will also help you. Often, your thoughts and stresses can keep you up at night and you won’t feel rested after a night’s sleep.

If this is the case, you should definitely try to use the Lepidolite crystal to help with this.

Using this stone before bed will calm your anxieties and allow you to switch off your thoughts and get some rest.

Struggling with sleep is a very difficult thing and you will want to meditate with this crystal before bed if you want to struggle with it. This will help you to sleep soundly and get good quality sleep.

Ways To Use Your Crystal For Anxiety

There are lots of different ways to make the best use of your Lepidolite crystal for anxiety. The most effective way to use the crystal is to wear the Lepidolite crystal jewelry.

If you do this, you will always have the stone on you when you need it. This will help you to manage anxiety before it gets bad as you can battle it from the beginning. 

Wear The Crystal

If you wear Lepidolite around your neck then you will have the opportunity to connect with the energy of the stone throughout the day.

If you are wearing the crystal in the form of a necklace, earrings or bracelet then you will be able to be reminded of remaining calm even when you are feeling anxious or stressed. This should help to ground you and remind you to remain grounded.

Healing Properties And Meaning Of Lepidolite: The Complete Guide

Carry The Crystal 

If you prefer not to wear the crystal, there are lots of other ways that you can maintain your balance. You can also do this in addition to wearing the crystal if you choose to.

If you want to carry a Lepidolite stone in your pocket or purse then this will help you to balance your emotions and handle the vibrations at any time. 

If you carry it in your pocket you should consider holding the stone in your hands in order to prevent yourself from becoming anxious and allowing you to maintain control.

Place The Crystal Somewhere 

Another useful way to use the stone is to place the stone somewhere in your environment to allow it to bring some calm to your daily life.

You can use this as a reminder to remain in the moment and present in your daily life, allowing you to stay calm and manage your anxiety.

If you do this, when you are near the crystal you will be able to feel at ease and it will provide you with a calm environment.

Ways To Use Your Lepidolite Crystal For Sleeping Soundly 

If you are looking for ways to use your Lepidolite crystal for helping you to sleep more soundly, there are lots of different ways in which you can do this. 

Wear The Crystal

When you are looking to use your Lepidolite crystal for sleep it is a good idea to wear the crystal as jewelry. Wear this both throughout the day and at night to allow your spirit to remain at ease and calm you down.

This will allow you to get better quality sleep throughout the night. You can wear these as a necklace, earrings or a bracelet.

Carry The Crystal 

You can also carry this crystal with you and then place it on the nightstand when you go to sleep. This will help you to calm your anxieties and get a restful night’s sleep.

You can also choose to place the crystal over your forehead before you sleep and allow yourself to release any of the thoughts or feelings that may be keeping you awake. 

Place The Crystal 

It is very useful to place the crystal in your bedroom or on a nightstand to promote sleep.

You should consider placing it in your bedroom somewhere, either on your nightstand or underneath your bed. This will help to curb your anxieties and help you to get to sleep more easily.

What Is The Intention Of The Lepidolite Crystal?

The Lepidolite crystal has the intention of letting go of your anxiety. When you are using this crystal you should keep the intention of ‘I let my anxiety go’ in mind (see also, ‘10 Crystals to Help You Move on and Let Go‘). It also has the intention of ‘I will sleep soundly’. 

Healing Properties Of Lepidolite 

Lepidolite is a very useful gemstone for stabilizing hormones which makes it a very useful crystal for females, especially during their cycle. 

It is also very useful for healing scars and wounds and reducing any disdain. In using this crystal you will be able to clear your sorrows and transform from someone who experiences anxiety to someone who may lie dormant inside you. This crystal is helpful in bringing this woman out. 

It is a great crystal for self assurance and calming any disturbances that may come. It will also help to increase serotonin levels.

Feelings And Emotional Healing 

With this crystal you will be able to find a state of relaxation after an emotional event. You should use this gemstone to maintain calm when you are worrying.

The crystal is very useful in reminding you to take a deep breath and get rid of any of the worry that you are feeling, replacing it with calm and tranquility. From there, you will have the opportunity to move forward quickly. 

This gemstone will help you to change your mindset and remove any of the negative ways that you deal with your emotions. It will also help you to control your mood during extreme feelings.

Mind Healing 

If you suffer from anxiety and anxious thoughts you will likely want to control this. It is always a good idea to get yourself a Lepidolite gemstone and throw yourself into the calm that it brings with it.

As the gemstone promotes relaxation, you will have much more of a chance to turn off the worries of your mind and sooth your anxieties.

Body Healing 

This gemstone will also help to repair your body. If you have experienced stresses on your body such as heavy drinking, substance abuse or other issues then this gemstone will help to bring about healing of the body.

This is also true if you suffer from underlying health problems. Lepidolite is very useful in boosting immunity and helping with enzymatic stability as well as improving the hair quality.

If you are looking for some help with healing your body, having this crystal on you or near you will be very useful. 

If you have a child who suffers from restlessness then this crystal will be very beneficial to them. If they suffer from anxiety, sleep disruptions or hallucinations, this crystal will help to ground them and keep them calm.

Spirit Healing 

Lepidolite is very beneficial to healing spirits too. In this society, we often suffer from a very fast speed and overwhelming emotions.

You will often find that a soothing gemstone will help you to calm down in this way, as it encourages peace and tranquility and spiritual happiness. It also allows you to slow down and gain some appreciation. 

A gemstone will help you to get through your everyday life effectively. The Lepidolite stone is very useful in helping you to connect with your spirit and inner self. 

Lepidolite In The Workplace Or Home 

It is always a good idea to ensure that all of your bases are covered and that the crystal is helping you in every aspect of your life.

This is why it is a good idea to have it available in both your work and home life. You should palace the gemstone around the house where the energy needs to be rebalanced. 

If you like, you should wear your crystal in the form of jewelry to ensure that it is around you at all times. This will help to keep you away from anything that can cause you anxiety and will help you in dealing with the stress.

Healing Properties And Meaning Of Lepidolite: The Complete Guide

Meditation With Lepidolite 

Meditating with the gemstone is a very useful way to make the best use of it. When you include the gemstone in your meditation practice it will bring out the benefits of the crystal.

You should take the energy that the crystal provides in this instance simply by sitting with the crystal and using the stone’s natural gift.

Lepidolite And Relationships

Often, if you or someone you know is caught in a relationship that is not healthy, they will find Lepidolite very useful.

In this case, purple Lepidolite is very useful as the vibration that the crystal causes will assist in overcoming attachments that are unhealthy to you.

As well as this, this crystal will help to give you strength and develop your own sense of self by keeping you calm through the crisis. 

If you feel that someone is experiencing a difficult time you should consider sending them a purple Lepidolite. This crystal will help them to face their emotions and become more in tune with them.

How Can You Program Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is an easy crystal to incorporate into your life. It is often used as a calming force in your home. Not only does it help to balance the home, it is also a beautiful gemstone which brings beauty into the home. 

Often, people have huge sculptures of this crystal as it is so useful in calming you down and keeping balance. 

It is very common that gemstones are placed throughout the home and workplace and the crystal will work very quickly in creating a warm environment that is very encouraging.

Crystal Therapies With Lepidolite

The colors of Lepidolite are very closely related to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. This provides the ability to be in tune with the mind and relax the heart. For this reason, it is very useful in therapies.

This crystal contains Lithium as we mentioned before. This is a mineral that is used in anti-anxiety medication and so it is believed to manage concern, worry and other issues.

In therapy, the Lepidolite crystal can be used to relieve stress and anxiety. If you engage with this gemstone during therapy then it may help you to reach a calm tranquility that you would struggle to reach without the aid of the crystal.

Chakras And Lepidolite 

The Lepidolite gemstone is closely linked to the Third Eye and Heart Chakras. 

The Third Eye is related to focus and insight so this crystal will help in those ways. The Heart Chakra is more closely related to sentiments of empathy and affection.

What Is The Origin Of Lepidolite?

Lepidolite has been discovered in a few different places including the Czech Republic, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Canada, the US and Brazil.

It is also found in a lot of different locations. It is quite a commonly found crystal and it is used by many across the world.

What Birthstone And Zodiac Sign Link To Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is very closely linked to Libras because of the things that it can bring out of people. The stone has the ability to balance character and arouse interpersonal skills which help to bring out the interpersonal skills of Libras.

They usually focus on harmony and moderation so they need a gemstone that can help them to feel grounded into this life. The calm nature of this crystal helps to bring out the characteristics that Libras possess. 

Libras are often very nice but they also suffer from making judgements (to learn about Tarot Birth Cards for Libra, read here). The Lepidolite crystal helps to ground them in this regard.

It helps Libras who are suffering from conflict as it helps them to remain headstrong and prevents them from becoming bogged down from their feelings and emotions (see also ‘15 Beautiful Libra Stones And Crystals‘).

What Is The Energy Color Of Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is great for calming, relieving tension and depression and aiding in spiritual growth. It is often very useful during menopause as it helps with balancing emotions and hormones.

It is great at relieving the rapid heartrate that comes with menopause, also helping to ensure that you feel balanced and energized.

What Is The Best Way To Cleanse Lepidolite?

It is very important to ensure that you cleanse your gemstones in order to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability. When the gemstones are cleaned they will become energized, meaning you will get the most from the crystals. 

Lepidolite is a particularly delicate crystal and you should avoid any harsh cleaning methods where you can. You should not use any water to clean your Lepidolite Crystal.

Instead, you should simply diffuse some light cleaning smoke around the crystal. You can do this using a sage wand. If you do this, you will ensure that the crystal is engaged and remains as effective as possible.

What Color Is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite crystals can come in many different colors. They can sometimes be gray in color, but they are often pink, red or purple (see also ‘18 Beautiful And Powerful Gray Crystals‘).

You can get them in lots of different hues of these colors. When the crystal is darker, it is due to a slight difference in the mineral structure of the crystal. 

There are also some rare types of this crystal that can be colorless or yellow (see also ‘7 Beautiful Yellow Crystals‘).

Final Thoughts

Lepidolite is a beautiful gemstone that is one of the most stunning out there. It comes in beautiful shades, especially the purple colors.

It has a very peaceful and calming nature and the gemstone will allow you to feel in control of yourself and your emotions.

You will be able to take stock with the help of this gemstone, and the strength and steadiness that you are gifted with this stone will allow you to be strong in the course of your life. 

Lepidolite is a very useful gemstone and you shouldn’t hesitate to bring it into your life!

Andrea Daehma