14 Beautiful Crystals For Memory

A good memory is incredibly important, and even if you have perfect recall and a crystal clear mind, or you’re prone to forgetfulness we should never take our memory for granted.

Although we all have unpleasant thoughts or dreams we would like to shake off, our memories are all stepping stones on the journey we’re on, and allow us to create a deeper, more authentic sense of self. 

14 Beautiful Crystals For Memory

However, as we age memories can fade and the sooner we train our memories to become sharper, the more longevity our memories will have.

Luckily, there are crystals out there that can help make your mind, well, crystal clear! 

Keeping hold of your memory is not just about remaining connected to who you are, it can also have more short-term, practical benefits like when studying for an exam – and there are crystals that can help you do just that!

Below, you’ll find 14 beautiful crystals that will make your mind clearer and improve your long-term memory. Let’s get started! 

1. Agate


Blue lace agate is a gentle, nurturing stone that encourages you to tap into your inner voice and find your strength.

The best way to find our path is to have a clear connection to our experiences and memory, and this is where blue lace agate comes in.

It empowers the mind, body and soul, and improves your confidence, resilience, and your decision-making. 

If you struggle to take on lessons you have previously learned, blue lace agate assists you in absorbing these lessons so you can see clearly.

Memory is important when shaping our future and agate makes sure you have a good understanding of your past.

2. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stone of dreamscapes and deep spirituality, and can make our relationship with our mind so much deeper.

It is a gemstone with a high vibration that allows us to keep hold of your memory and helps us get a more restful sleep. This is important to keep our mind strong. 

If you are finding sleep challenging and are feeling a little sluggish lately, place some amethyst under your brain and allow its gentle, healing energy to send you into a deep sleep.

3. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone that is full of energy and is always ready to guide you out of the darkness.

Black tourmaline is enchanting, sharpening your memory and focus. This dreamy, dark gemstone gets rid of stagnant energy and balances out your chakras. 

When you’re in need of some good energy, reach for black tourmaline. Use it on your root chakra to ground yourself and encourage a dissipating of old, negative energy. 

4. Calcite


This bright, joyous gemstone is great for improving your memory. It is called the stone of the mind for a reason!

This fantastic gem is great for helping you absorb information and can also help you approach problems from a different angle.

It’s a great aid when studying, and an excellent cleanser for your chakra when you need to let go of baggage and embrace some optimism. It’s particularly beneficial when placed on your solar plexus.

5. Carnelian

Carnelian is sure to give your stamina a boost! But we’re not just talking about your physical stamina, we’re talking about your mental stamina!

Carnelian keeps bad energy at bay, helps you discover new talent, and reduces negative thoughts so your thoughts can float like a butterfly!

If you’re constantly fighting against your caveman mind, then carnelian can help you conquer your inner Neanderthal by balancing out your imagination with action and motivation. 

6. Citrine

Embrace the sunny vibes of Citrine! The beautiful golden shade and boundless energy of this stone makes for one empowered crystal.

Citrine is sure to make your mind feel super fresh. Have some citrine to hand to give you some get-up-and-go, and your mind is sure to feel clear and sharp at all times.

7. Clear Quartz

clear quartz

This powerful healing stone gives you a completely clear mind. This gemstone is famous for its ability to clear out debris, awaken your crown chakra, and help you absorb information.

Giving you access to your higher consciousness, clear quartz encourages your mind to expand and connect so you’ll be in no doubt of where you are going. During meditation or crown chakra healing, reach for clear quartz.

8. Fluorite

Fluorite is sure to make you feel like a genius. This gemstone is excellent at helping you interpret your dreams, improve your memory, and align your conscious life with your spiritual life.

The word ‘fluorite’ is derived from the word ‘flux.’ This colorful, shimmering crystal allows you to go with the flow, as well as hold onto your dreams and absorb the meanings and lessons within.

Slip this stone under your pillow or keep it on your person so you can open yourself up to your guiding light, your memory, and your truth.

9. Hematite

Get your brilliant mind working and focus on divine discipline with shining, silver Hematite.

This stone is famous for helping you remain focused and motivated, and is great to have to hand when studying to encourage logical thoughts.

If you have a big exam coming up and need to get yourself motivated, or if you’re struggling to solve a problem, Hematite encourages you to harness the power of your mind.

10. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Tap into your third eye and awaken your memories by turning to the unique powers of lapis lazuli.

Known for being a spiritual healer, lapis lazuli is concerned with reaching deep into your soul and harnessing your purpose and self-awareness.

To do this, lapis lazuli ensures your mind is totally switched on. Put lapis on your third eye when you need to dive deeper into your memories or put it under your pillow when you want to recall your dreams. 

11. Malachite

Malachite isn’t just great for making your memory sharper but it’s also a great guide when you’re unsure which memories are serving you.

This is a healing gemstone that knows that some memories should not be dwelled on and that some habits, ideas or beliefs are holding you back.

If you need help sorting through these things, then malachite helps to keep you moving. If you want to let go of some painful memories that are no longer serving you, look to malachite.

If you need some encouragement to let go of the past, then Malachite is there for you. It helps you hold on to positive memories and motivates you to go down new paths.

12. Obsidian

Polished, jet black and with an almost reflective quality, Obsidian encourages you to remain grounded and seek the truth, as well as being a great healing stone.

It gives us the tools needed to live a clear life and gain a higher consciousness, allowing us to take a more honest look at our past and present.

Keep obsidian with you for constant protection, and hold this gemstone when meditating to totally clear your mind.

13. Pyrite


Also known as ‘fool’s gold’ because of its glittery appearance, pyrite is a powerful gemstone that takes the sun’s energy and uses it to make you more motivated.

If you feel sluggish and like you’re wading through life, then you need the fiery cleansing power of pyrite! This gem enlivens your whole being and makes holding onto important information easier.

If you’re doing a lot of studying or cramming for an exam then pyrite can help you become more motivated. This gemstone helps keep distractions at bay and clears your mind.

14. Rose Quartz

Associated with compassion and love, rose quartz is a radiant gem that is full of soft joy but is also a handy aid to sharpen your memory too.

This beautiful gem improves empathy, can assist with sorting through overwhelming emotional changes, and can also help to reassure you that you have nothing to fear.

If you’re struggling with memories of trauma or are trying to shut out the past, nurturing rose quartz takes your hand and helps you through so you can remain brave and resist the urge to disconnect from your mind completely. 

How Should You Use Memory Crystals?

Now you know what crystals are beneficial for clearing your mind and keeping your memory sharp, you may be wondering how you harness their power to get the most out of them.

Below you’ll find a few tips on how to best use memory crystals.

  • Wear jewelry with your preferred gemstone to make sure your mind is always sharp.
  • Put a crystal on your desk to help absorb information and stay focused. 
  • Place crystals under your pillows so you can better remember your dreams.
  • Use memory crystals in crystal grids and Reiki to clear your mind and body.
  • Place your preferred crystal on your forehead to make your mind stronger.

Final Thoughts

If you want to train your brain to keep your mind quick, sharp, and active, or if you want to smash any upcoming exams, our 14 beautiful memory crystals are sure to light up your mind and make your memory crystal clear! 

Andrea Daehma