8 Best Crystals For Pendulums

The range of different crystals suitable for pendulums is far and wide, so much so that you may become overwhelmed with choices! 

Whether you’re wondering what the differences are between crystal pendulums, what makes one better than another, or simply the best crystal centerpieces – then you’ve come to the right place. 

8 Best Crystals For Pendulums

In this article, we will dive into everything you need to know about the best crystals for pendulums, as well as what they are and how to use them. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

What Are Crystal Pendulums?

Crystal pendulums are potent tools that are able to directly channel energy into receiving answers. 

Depending on its response, it will swing in one direction which answers the question ‘yes’, and another to answer ‘no’. 

There is really nothing more to the pendulum – it’s as simple as it sounds! – although, just know that these are powerful resources that can help you make important decisions and better understand yourself. 

Below are some of the main reasons you may use a pendulum:

  • To help with chakra alignment.
  • Help you uncover whether or not a job offer would be advantageous to you. 
  • Figuring out where something is that you have lost.
  • Deciding where the best location is to relocate with your family. 
  • Information regarding your past life. 
  • The foods you should eat and the ones you should avoid. 

How To Use A Crystal Pendulum?

New to the world of crystal pendulums? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below, we have outlined the steps to using your pendulum. 

1. Remove your pendulum from any negative energy by cleansing it. You can use salt, fresh water, or sunlight to clean your crystal depending on the type you’re using. 

2. Create a connection between you and your pendulum. In a comfortable, quiet environment, sit peacefully and hold your pendulum in your hands to create a connection through the energy. 

3. Decipher the answers of your pendulum, whether this is ‘yes’, ‘no’, or ‘maybe’. Here, you can begin by asking your pendulum to show you the movement for ‘yes’. For instance, “Show me ‘yes’”.

Then all you have to do is wait for the pendulum to swing in the ‘yes’ direction. Once determined, repeat the question for ‘no’ and ‘maybe/ inconclusive’.

4. Test your crystal pendulum by asking easy questions to which you already know the answer. For instance, you could start by asking your name, like ‘“Is my name Jane?”.

Just remember that pendulums can only answer yes/no questions, they can’t answer open-ended questions. 

5. Outline your questions so you’re receiving the most objective answers possible. For instance, you can begin answering your questions with “Is it accurate and true…”. E.g., “Is it accurate and true that the sun sets at night?”. 

6. Ask all your burning questions. If you keep receiving maybe answers, then you could try being more specific with your questions. Although, if it is not in your best personal interests to know the answer, then the pendulum won’t share it with you. 

Best Crystals For Pendulums

1. Amethyst

Amethyst can be used in a pendulum to expand your consciousness, allowing you to channel information from the cosmos and spirit guides. 

If you’re looking to explore your spirituality, then amethyst is one of the best crystals to use in a pendulum to do so. 

Connected to the crown chakra, amethyst allows you to open the door to discover universal consciousness. 

Due to the expanded consciousness, you’re able to create divinations and use your intuition to channel information successfully. 

Plus, using amethyst in a pendulum is also ideal for connecting with your spiritual guides if you’re looking for a helpful hand during your pendulum sessions. 

8 Best Crystals For Pendulums

2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal used to amplify energy. It is great for beginners, you’ll receive quick, clear answers regardless of the type of question you’re asking. 

Plus, it is among one of the best materials when it comes to pendulums. This is due to its energy-amplifying properties. 

Clear quartz will help strengthen your intention and clear your mind, as a result; you’re rewarded with supercharged questions – your ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions will be answered quickly and clearly. 

Moreover, you’ll also receive strong swinging motion due to the crystal’s strong energy amplification – allowing you to easily determine between answers. 

In addition to this, clear quartz can help align and balance your chakras. 

3. Pyrite

This crystal can be used to stimulate your personal power and will. When utilized, you’ll receive insights into your career, opportunities, and business. 

Perfect for manifestation, pyrite is often connected with career success and business since it can influence opportunities and wealth. 

Plus, it is also able to draw luck to you – which is something everyone wants once in a while!

Since pyrite flows with these particular types of energies, it is recommended to be used in a pendulum to help gain an understanding of the different areas where your opportunities lie. 

Moreover, if you’re considering a career change, then pyrite can be beneficial since it resonates with your deepest talents and potential. 

4. Rose Quartz

Aiding you in achieving a loving and peaceful space within yourself, rose quartz can help you answer questions coming from your heart. 

If you’re looking for advice regarding your love life or relationship, then using a rose quartz pendulum can point you in the right direction. 

Connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz helps to center you and promotes unconditional, pure love. If you’re looking to deal with matters of the heart, then this is a great place to start. 

Moreover, rose quartz is ideal for situations where you’re looking for answers from your heart instead of your head. 

8 Best Crystals For Pendulums

5. Rainbow Fluorite

This stone provides you with logic, mental clarity, and concentration – perfect for achieving a focused mind when making important decisions. 

In addition to being a beautiful pendulum, rainbow fluorite can help you unravel big concepts and ideas to require your full attention and analysis. 

As you connect together the larger picture, you’re able to think more fluidly and quicker – allowing you to inspire some important and interesting questions to ask during your pendulum sessions – ideal for making impactful life decisions. 

Plus, rainbow fluorite can also help you to surface your natural psychic abilities. 

6. Labradorite

Labradorite (see also ‘The Healing Benefits Of Crystals: Labradorite Explained‘) can be used to help you connect with different realms, great for psychic readings! 

If you’re looking to uncover knowledge from other realms, then labradorite can help you achieve this. 

This beautiful, iridescent gemstone has deep connections with astral projection, magic, telepathic communication, and clairvoyance (Check out some Incense For Clairvoyance). 

Have you ever wanted to recall moments from your past life or take a sneak peek beyond the scales of reality, then a labradorite pendulum may help you achieve this. 

Known to be an empowering stone, labradorite can help encourage you to travel into your senses and discover your own talents and gifts. 

However, before you jump straight into your labradorite sessions, consider sleeping with the stone nearby or even meditating with it. This allows you to create a connection with the stone, allowing you to ask the right questions to gain the best answers. 

8 Best Crystals For Pendulums

7. Obsidian

This crystal can be used to expose the deepest parts of your subconscious. Obsidian (see also ‘How Much Is Obsidian Worth?‘) is powerful in unlocking profound psychological work. 

Throughout history, obsidian has been respected, loved, and feared – sometimes all at the same time! 

The crystal carefully treads the line between light and dark, bringing forth emotions and experiences that you may not have known were buried in your subconsciousness. 

It is an essential component of shadow work – which is an underappreciated, albeit essential, part in the steps of spiritual evolution. 

Moreover, an obsidian pendulum can also be used to create a better understanding of the physical ailments within the body, especially those caused by emotion. 

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli can be used to promote intuitive self-discovery – allowing you to unlock the knowledge to access your higher mind. 

Known to contain great wisdom, lapis lazuli provides you with knowledge from the higher mind to promote enhanced self-awareness. 

While using lapis lazuli, many people seek to uncover their inner truth, come to terms with it, and integrate it into their life. 

Since lapis lazuli can be used to understand the information you’re provided with, you’re able to see more clearly and understand the true driving forces behind you. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals have been used for centuries, whether this was for healing, protection, or self-discovery – different crystals provide different properties and potential. 

One way to utilize the capabilities of your crystals is through a pendulum. Not only do pendulums look attractive, but they can also access inner information and questions to your answers. 

From amethyst, labradorite, and obsidian – different crystals can help you more than others. Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about the best crystals for pendulums. 

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