14 Best Crystals For School

Recently, crystals have boomed in popularity – being one of the biggest wellness trends today among teenagers, adults, and children alike. 

Many claim crystals can reduce stress, help manifest good vibes, boost motivation, and increase focus – making them perfect for school environments! 

14 Best Crystals For School

Whether you’re looking to manifest good grades or it’s your first day of college, having a healing crystal can help you battle these fears and succeed (of course, in addition to studying!). 

With this in mind, we have created a complete guide looking at the best crystals for school. Let’s get started. 

How To Choose The Right Crystals?

Crystals can be used for many different purposes, according to spiritual psychology expert, Kelly Austin. These ancient and beautiful resources have multi-purpose and multidimensional properties that can amplify your manifestations and healing. 

When it comes to choosing the perfect crystals for school, you’ll be glad to know that there are many to select from. 

It is recommended to allow the crystal to ‘choose’ you – selecting a gemstone that resonates with your personality and that you’re instinctively drawn to. 

From citrine and amethyst to eudialyte – below we have detailed each crystal and its particular properties. 

1. Carnelian

Otherwise known as the ‘sunset stone’ the carnelian gemstone is claimed to influence your zest for life and awaken your power. 

In a report constructed by the University of Pennsylvania, carnelian was used in Ancient Egypt as a marker of social status and protection against evil spirits. 

Moreover, this warm-colored stone is said to work as a reminder to remain driven – perfect for tireless exams. 

2. Clear Quartz

These crystals are known for improving mental clarity – making clear quartz crystals ideal for studying!

When studying for your next big exam, try keeping a quartz point in your study area or on a desk, or even carry a quartz tumble stone in your pocket to help reap the benefits.

To help you succeed in your studies, try repeating a positive affirmation or setting a mindful intention – your nearby quartz can assist in this. 

14 Best Crystals For School

3. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the best crystals for its ability to alleviate stress and have calming effects. 

During busy semester periods, having a job on top of your studies can be extremely stressful, so if you’re experiencing the same, or similar, having amethyst around can help. 

Whether you’re keeping an amethyst point on your bedside table or wearing a pendant, this crystal can help ward off negative energy, allowing you to remain stress-free and positive. 

4. Lapis Lazuli

This vibrant blue lapis lazuli works in conjunction with your throat and third eye chakra to help increase your self-awareness and wisdom. 

It is often praised for its mystical, starry appearance, according to the International Gem Society. 

During the school environment, lapis lazuli can aid in problem-solving – helping you figure out the best approaches to particular situations – as well as working as a reminder of what you’re working for. 

5. Sodalite

This stone works in combination with your throat and third eye chakra to help sharpen your intuition and focus while cleaning the mind (see also ‘15 Best Crystals To Help You Focus‘). 

If you’re in school, sodalite can help enhance your logical findings when working on important reports and harness your intuition. 

Plus, if you’re experiencing writer’s block or need to focus on communication, sodalite can help diminish and enhance this.

6. Malachite

Otherwise known to be the ‘stone of transformation’, Malachite works with the heart, third eye, and throat chakra, the stone is known to enhance manifestation and bring positive change into your life. 

Whether you find yourself procrastinating or at a low point in the semester, then having this stone around is ideal for balancing work and play, as well as encouraging emotional healing.

If you’re looking to manifest something, whether this is high grades, an internship, or even a relationship, then malachite can help you achieve your goals. 

14 Best Crystals For School

7. Amazonite

Whether you need some extra support during your job hunt or are dealing with an overwhelming class schedule, then amazonite can help bring balance and harmony to your life. 

Otherwise known as the ‘stone of truth’, amazonite has the ability to enhance your leadership abilities and boost your confidence. If you’re getting ready to speak at a big event, then amazonite can provide that extra support you’re looking for. 

Amazonite works with the heart and throat chakra, allowing you to be honest with yourself when communicating and navigating your emotions – building resilience. 

8. Fluorite

Also known as the ‘genius’ stone, Fluorite works in combination with all the seven chakras to provide you with intense focus and intuition. 

If you’re looking to enhance your creativity or bring some calmness to a chaotic environment – whether this is a bustling library, cramped dorm room, or a crowded hall lounge – the fluorite would be beneficial. 

To remain focused throughout the day, consider using a fluorite bracelet – allowing you to make the most of your classes and promoting enhanced decision-making. 

9. Rose Quartz

This stone is known as the universal crystal of compassion and love, according to MindBodyGreen. 

In college, practicing regular self-care, self-love, and self-compassion is important to prevent burnout – rose quartz can help this. 

Whether you’re feeling anxious or worried, placing rose quartz near your heart or keeping it in your hand while meditating can help you heal from emotional trauma – keeping your support system and loved ones in mind. 

Using a rose quartz crystal at school can help your focus on your energy – keeping negative energy away and moving stagnant ones. 

Plus, they can help produce spark energy within us – great for self-love. 

14 Best Crystals For School

10. Citrine

This is a manifestation crustal known to work in combination with your sacral, root, and solar plexus chakras to sharpen your difficult decision-making skills and enhance your imagination.

Mediating with a citrine stone in your hand can be a powerful tool to help you accomplish your manifestations. Plus, if you’re looking to clarify your focus, then this is great, too.

Afterward, create a vision board to help you bring your imagination to life – detailing your goals and messages. 

11. Honey Calcite

Honey calcite works in conjunction with the solar plexus chakra to increase your confidence and inform you of your self-worth. 

Due to the stone’s yellow color, it is said to evoke positive emotions of joy and allows you to overcome any obstacles in your path – whether this is a 10-paper report or a presentation.

The stone has the power to influence action in your life, allowing you to optimize the skills learned in college and school toward your future career goals. 

If you’re currently making big changes to your career or working towards gaining an internship, then honey calcite would be beneficial to have close by. 

12. Moss Agate

Among all the agate stones (see also ‘Everything You Need To Know About Grape Agate Crystals‘), moss agate remains to be the most powerful. The stone itself can be found in Brazil, India, central Europe, Western United States, and Uruguay. 

In addition to assisting in the strengthening of your intellect and creativity, moss agate also has powerful physical healing properties (see also ‘17 Amazing Earthbound Crystals‘). 

Using a bowl filled with water, you can ‘charge’ your moss agate. Similarly, you can keep one near your water bottle to influence extra healing powers. 

Charging your crystals helps you amplify and purify their energies. In addition to this, allow them to sit under the full moon to reap all the benefits. (Although, avoid this during an eclipse!). 

14 Best Crystals For School

13. Mookaite

Mookaite (see also ‘Mookaite: A Guide To It’s Healing Properties‘) is a crystal often used to help cultivate mindfulness – allowing you to focus on the here and now. 

In addition to its beautiful appearance with its gold and garnet hues, it is also a powerful stone to remain calm and amplify your memory – great for exam season! 

Towards the end of your semester, if you feel you’re losing motivation, try holding Mookaite or keeping it in your backpack to provide you with the motivation to keep going. 

14. Tiger’s Eye

As its name suggests, this captivating stone resembles that of a tiger’s eye. It has been used for decades to influence courage, strength, and confidence. 

Known as a healing crystal, it works in combination with your root and sacral chakras to allow you to stay grounded and improve your understanding of the things around you. 

Therefore, if you’re feeling lost during exam week or you’re putting pressure on yourself to achieve, then having a tiger’s eye pendant to help attract stability and prosperity into your life – thus, comforting your mind. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals are known for their powerful and beneficial properties, from healing, motivation, and success – different stones have varied and multidimensional effects. 

One environment where these properties are required the most is during school or college. Having a specific crustal in your pocket or backpack can provide you with the motivation needed to finish your work. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about the best crystals for school, so you can achieve bigger and better results.

Andrea Daehma