10 Crystals For Learning

Are you finding it hard to concentrate while studying? Got finals coming up? Or feeling overwhelmed with stress?

10 Crystals For Learning

Then have no fear, crystals for learning can help you accomplish your goals and more! 

School and college can be incredibly stressful times – whether you’re finding it hard to balance work and play or simply keeping yourself disciplined! The pressures to stay on top of work and study can overwhelm anyone. 

However, there are some ways to lessen stress. This is by looking after ourselves and diverting the focus on our needs with the powers of crystals (see also, ‘Are Crystals Alive?‘). 

From self-love to creativity, crystals are varied and multidimensional stones that contain a treasure trove of powerful properties. 

These different powers have been utilized for years, with the ability to direct vibrations and absorb energy – providing your mind and body with both balance and peace. 

Since distraction and stress can be found in the pulses of energy, crystals can be used to help resolve these problems. 

With this in mind, this article will explore the best crystals for learning – allowing you to focus on your studies and achieve the best results. 

1. Clear Quartz

10 Crystals For Learning

This crystal is known for its range of healing benefits (see also, ‘The Best Healing Crystals for Dogs‘) – making it a staple for many spiritual people. However, it is also amazing for enhancing your focus, making it ideal for students, too.

The crystal itself is able to retain much information. Plus, it can be charged to suit different requirements.

In addition to this, clear quartz can enhance vibrations found in other stones through reflecting energy (see also ‘13 Powerful Clear Gemstones‘). 

Its cleansing energy can have a positive effect on the intellect, therefore, making it the perfect aid for clearing your mind from distraction and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

2. Amethyst

10 Crystals For Learning

If you’re new to the world of crystal healing, then amethyst is the perfect introduction to making the first step. 

It is a highly spiritual crystal that provides a protective shield of energy around you (see also, ‘8 Crystals for EMF Protection‘)– connecting you to your highest potential. 

This is just the beginning for amethyst! The benefits associated with the crystal are long. It is perfect for focusing on your mind and meditation, ensuring that you remain grounded and centered. 

During your studies, having this crystal nearby will allow you to focus on the task at hand. 

Since amethyst can provide you with peaceful thoughts, it is great for stress relief, too! 

In addition to this, they are also known to allow a restful sleep, perfect for students to keep by their beds to ensure a full day of studying in the library the next day (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals That Help With Sleep‘). 

3. Blue Sodalite

10 Crystals For Learning

The deep blue of this crystal improves rational thought and calmness. During your studies, you can sometimes become preoccupied with things out of your control – this stone helps center this. 

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming test or studying for a crucial exam – our minds have the tendency to wander and worry about the future. This sometimes means you’re ignoring important things in the present. 

If you’re sometimes overrun by irrational thoughts and are prone to becoming overstressed by overthinking, then blue sodalite is great for focusing on what is important and chilling your racing thoughts. 

This crystal is able to soak up any brain fog – enabling you to see things clearly. Great for long study sessions! 

4. Tiger’s Eye

10 Crystals For Learning

One of the most beautiful stones, the tiger’s eye crystal contains lots of spiritual powers. Not only does it look good – with its shades of brown and orange – but it is a great addition to your crystal collection for learning.

It is known as one of the most powerful stones, making it ideal for those starting out their spiritual journeys.  It contains strong calming vibrations that can help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Among Roman warriors and Ancient Egyptians, this crystal was used as a form of protection – appearing to have used it to improve their luck and bravery. 

During exam season, having an extra bit of luck and bravery on your side can provide you with the motivation to succeed. 

5. Citrine

10 Crystals For Learning

This stunning yellow-orange crystal is perfect for enhancing your courage and confidence. 

The stone is used for abundance and manifesting, all properties you look for when studying. 

Here, the focus of the crystal is all on personal growth and power. The energy and vibrations emitted all promote success – so you’ll want to ensure you’re keeping this stone close by when studying. 

In addition to this, the crystal helps to remove any self-doubt and negativity from the mind, allowing your mind to flourish and become free of anything holding you back. 

6. Black Agate

10 Crystals For Learning

The last thing you want when you’re sitting a final exam is any negative energy in your life – instead, you want to be as clear-headed and positive as possible. 

Therefore, black agate is a must. Black crystals are perfect for removing any negative energy, allowing you to focus on yourself and your studies. 

This crystal stabilizes your root chakra, allowing you to remain grounded. With this crystal, there are no negative thoughts running through your mind, instead, you’re provided clear vision. 

Plus, it also contains calming properties – great for those who get stressed easily and have negative thoughts while studying. 

Using this crystal, you’re able to remove any insecurities and self-doubt, allowing you to continue your hard work and concentrate entirely on your task at hand.

7. Rose Quartz

10 Crystals For Learning

When it comes to hard work, rose quartz is brilliant for providing you with support and soothing your feelings. 

When you’re feeling sick of the world and feeling burnt out, it can be incredibly hard to focus. However, this stone will help you overcome this. 

During college, most students will go through unrest and stages of stress, however, with the right crystals, you can make this period of unease easier. 

Rose quartz emits vibrations into the world that inspire those to help love themselves. Throughout the body, it provides a surge of self-love – and with this energy, it feels like anything is possible. 

This is one crystal people like to have by them constantly, since who doesn’t love feelings of self-love?

8. Fluorite

10 Crystals For Learning

There is a reason fluorite is known as the ‘genius’ stone! If you’re looking to focus on your studies, then having this stone around will help you open up your mind to new possibilities. 

The vibrations from this stone stimulate the electrical charges in the brain, allowing you to focus and concentrate on your learning. Moreover, it allows your brain to work in different ways, tuning in both hemispheres: left and right. 

While there are different types of fluorite, all can be used when studying and learning, however, some are better than others for certain types of work. 

If you’re looking to focus on mathematics or a science-based subject, then purple fluorite is ideal (see also, ‘What is the Difference Between Purple Fluorite and Amethyst‘). Although, if you’re looking to study humanity or arts, then yellow fluorite is great for boosting your creativity and imagination. 

To develop new ideas during your learning, then green fluorite is known to inspire originality and creativity. 

Whichever fluorite stone you choose, each is beneficial when it comes to focusing on your learning. 

9. Malachite

10 Crystals For Learning

Not only is this stone beautiful but it is also ideal for processing information and protection. Instead of being consumed by negative thoughts, this stone absorbs any negative energy, allowing you to only focus on your studies and nothing else. 

The stone itself is famous for removing electromagnetic pollution, providing you with a peaceful and clear environment – perfect for studying. 

If you’re looking to break bad habits and create positive changes, then malachite is ideal. Plus, if you need to procrastinate, malachite will prevent this. 

10. Green Aventurine

10 Crystals For Learning

This stone is known to provide you with courage, peace, and luck. It contains strong vibrations that are known to promote a healthy outlook on life and optimism – ideal for those who require a burst of positivity in their life. 

The green aventurine stone is also known to be connected with forward-thinking and independence.

Therefore, if you’re studying alone and require an extra boost to get your mind in here, then having one of these in your hand can allow you to work independently. 

Since it is directly connected to the heart chakra, it is ideal for removing any negative energy that may be stuck here – allowing you to move forward and away from anything stopping you.

Essentially, it allows you to focus on what’s next, instead of what has already happened. 

Final Thoughts

Crystals are extremely varied and diverse – each containing unique properties to allow you to flourish and be the best version of yourself. 

When it comes to learning, you want to be focused, not stressed, and open-minded. With the stones mentioned in this list, you’ll be able to achieve this and more!

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about the best crystals for learning.

Andrea Daehma