A Comprehensive Guide To Flower Agate

Many believe in the physical and mental health benefits that come from the energy of a crystal. They have been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians up until the present day, no matter how rare or common they may be. 

Each and every crystal you come across has a different meaning and energy, it takes time and patience to learn and understand these differences.

A Comprehensive Guide To Flower Agate

Although the understanding of the crystals may have changed over time, the benefits of using them have not. 

One exception to the rule is flower agate, which is a relatively new discovery in the crystal world. It is thought to have only been found by geologists in 2018. 

This article offers a comprehensive guide to the crystal flower agate and learns about the properties and meaning behind it.

What Is Flower Agate?

An agate crystal formation occurs over thousands of years. They are usually found within cavities of other rocks in acidic to neutral climates.

The accumulation of silica-rich groundwater in rock voids and cavities building up forms the agate crystal. 

Flower agate is a translucent crystal that is light pink in color (see also ‘15 Beautiful Pink Crystals‘). The name hails from the inclusions of chalcedony that often resemble flowers that can be seen in this crystal.

Other colors typically found within the formation include red, brown, green, and white. 

The different colors that come through the main body of the crystal are formed due to the oxidation process of trace elements such as iron, nickel, chromium, or manganese. 

This crystal is thought to be a relatively new discovery, found in Madagascar. Although other forms of agate are found across the world, the inclusion of chalcedony flowers has not been seen before.

Agate can also be found in the United States, Brazil, Africa, and Mexico. 

The History Of The Crystal 

Flower agate has a relatively compact history due to it only being newly discovered compared to most crystals. We can link flower agate to the traditional form of the crystal, as they both are linked to positivity, harmony, and balance. 

The agate gemstone was first discovered in the waters of Sicily’s Achates River. Thought to be found by the Ancient Greek philosopher, Theophrastus, the stones were considered to be a priceless discovery. 

Others who encountered the beautiful stones utilized them for their healing and protective properties.

Agate was used to stir up one’s inner chi in Chinese medicine, whereas Persian magicians would use the stones to battle the elements such as thunder and lightning. 

It’s evident that even the commonplace form of agate has an interesting past and contains a lot of power. Although we aren’t aware of the exact history of flower agate, it could be capable of any of these possibilities. 

The Meaning Of Flower Agate

Often thought of as the stone of personal growth, manifesting our inner power and fighting off fear.

With help from the Divine Feminine Energy, the soul is nurturing and meaningful growth can occur which leads us to fulfill our potential to the best of our ability. 

Associated with the heart and root chakras, opening and healing them. The heart chakra is all about helping you with inner peace, empathy, and joy.

The association with the root chakra will aid in you feeling calmer and releasing stress and anxiety. 

The Healing Properties Of Flower Agate

The Healing Properties Of Flower Agate

We still aren’t sure of the full extent of the healing powers of the crystal, but here are the major benefits that may be experienced. 

Emotional Healing

Looking at the physical appearance of the crystals, the blooms of flowers and different formations of colors are thought to represent the emotional journey one goes through in their life.

This can be highly emotive and beneficial to some that like to visualize their journey. 

Utilize flower agate to work and build upon your confidence, helping to achieve your dreams and reach your goals.

Those looking for a little extra push or drive in their lives can benefit from this stone, sometimes we need someone or something with us when taking on scary challenges in life. 

This stone is also thought to promote joy and spontaneity, two things that many people often ignore to try and keep up with the demands of day-to-day life.

Modern society rarely lets us experience spontaneity, but having this stone nearby can stimulate this.  

Physical Healing

The little that is known about flower agate indicates that it is largely beneficial for emotional and spiritual healing rather than having many physical benefits. 

As we already know, struggles of the mind can equate to struggles in the body. Depression and anxiety have been linked to issues with the digestive tract as well as the nervous system, sleep cycle, and joint pain. 

Stress stimulates the immune system and triggers the release of certain hormones which puts our bodies into ‘fight or flight’ mode. These triggers could be anything from work, family, or general annoyances in life.

Chronic stress can affect your overall well-being.

The newfound joy for life that can be experienced when using this stone can help to bring a sense of calm and relaxation over the body that can heal some of the issues stated above.

Experiencing less stress means your physical health will improve. 

Flower agate can be used to calm the mind and body. The stress-related symptoms one may experience such as insomnia, indigestion, or a weakened immune system will benefit from using this stone. 

Spiritual Healing

Flower agate may connect users to a new level of spirituality depending on how it manifests itself. With more confidence and purpose in life, many feel more connected to the living world and experience deeper, more intense levels of joy. 

This passion for living is important for everyone to experience, especially those that have experienced significant traumas in their life.

These people are often harboring dark and negative energies that burden their spirits and rob them of the joys living has to offer. 

Many healers will recommend the calming and joyful stone to these people. The stone can help to lift this darkness and help you to learn from the past giving you new respect and purpose for the future. 

Females will highly benefit from the Divine Feminine Energy the stone contains. The Divine Trinity is thought to reside in all women, yet their presence in the individual’s life will depend on their own personal experiences. 

Often considered to be the stone of the Sacred Feminine Trinity, a reservoir of Shakti energy that expresses itself in the form of abundance, protection, and wisdom.

Flower agate encourages and facilitates the advantages of all three of these facets. 

Flower agate can help users to experience true enlightenment. 

Using The Crystal

There are many ways to use any crystal to benefit from its energy and there is no one right way to use them. Each crystal and individual will work in different ways, what works for some may not work for others. 

Many believe that one should get to know their crystals and build a relationship with them to find out which is the best way to utilize their energy.  

Flower agate crystals are often found in the form of pyramids (Also check out How To Make An Orgonite Pyramid), obelisks, and palm stones. These forms allow the stone to be used in a number of ways. Here we will talk about some of the ways in which this can be done.



Meditation is one of the most common ways to use crystals and this has been practiced for centuries. Placing flower agate directly over the heart during meditation opens the heart chakra.

Combined with crystals such as selenite and quartz, individuals may experience enhanced effects. 

Placements of stones on the heart, womb, and third-eye chakra represent the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

This encourages the reintegration of the Feminine Divine Trinity and is used by many women to direct the energy flow to the appropriate chakras. 

Choosing to place the crystals in these areas leaves women with feelings of balance and renews their feminine consciousness.  

Those with polished stones may benefit greatly from performing deep meditation exercises with them. 


Wearing crystals as jewelry is a common way to harness their powers and make the most of the energy. There is no limitation on the type of jewelry, this could be necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. 

Despite flower agate being relatively new to the crystal scene, pieces made with this stone are relatively easy to find.

Wearing the stone means it is within touching distance at all times, providing calming sensations when feeling stressed and ready to soothe your emotions. 

Placing In The Home

Placing flower agate strategically in the home can benefit everyone living in the house. If you are hoping to use the crystal for a journey of personal growth then placing it in a workspace will be highly beneficial. 

An alternative is to carry the crystal in a pocket or bag with you throughout the day. This serves as a reminder of your purpose and goals, giving you a constant sense of drive and passion.

Let the flower agate act as a guide on your journey. 

Use With Self-Care Practices

Flower agate crystals can be placed near you when practicing self-care rituals such as yoga, spa treatments, or as an affirmation tool. Hold the crystal in your hands as you repeat your affirmations to yourself several times. 

We have included a list of affirmations below to help you, but it is easy to create your own that are tailored to your journey.

The longer you practice your affirmations with this stone the better and more valuable you will feel. 

Looking After Flower Agate

Crystals often need to be cleansed and charged in order to work effectively. When crystals are used often, they tend to draw in a lot of negative energy.

Although drawing in negative energies is beneficial for us, we must cleanse and refresh them. 

It is also recommended that you cleanse your crystals if anyone else handles them as it isn’t always clear what energies they are carrying around with them. 

Flower agate crystals can be cleansed and charged in the same way as any other crystal. Many people prefer to use sage, water, or a saltwater solution to cleanse their crystals.

Spending a few hours in water or saltwater is enough to cleanse the stones. 

To charge your stones, bathing them in the moonlight is highly recommended. The best time to do this is when there is a full moon scheduled.  

Other cleansing methods include: 

  • Using sound baths 
  • Placing the crystals in nature 
  • Using other crystals such as clear quartz or selenite
  • By setting intention, meditation, and visualization. 

Flower Agate Associations

All crystals have associations based on their energies. Here are the associations thought to be related to flower agate. Many people have different views as they still know little about the crystal, so these may change over time. 

Zodiac: Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius 

Chakras: Root and Heart chakras

Planets: Venus, Earth

Element: Earth

Energy: Feminine 


Affirmations to say with flower agate: 

  • I am not in self-doubt anymore, I trust myself before anything else.
  • I am passionate and I am lively.
  • I am grounded and I am safe. 
  • I am whole. 
  • I am valuable. 
  • I am a divine being. 
  • I am worthy of the purest love. 

Where To Buy Flower Agate

Where To Buy Flower Agate

It’s important to buy your crystals from trustworthy sellers that responsibly source their stones. Reputable sellers should have information on where their stones come from and should be able to prove this. 

Fake crystals are another concern that customers may have as there is a big market for this. There are a number of well-known Etsy stores and Amazon marketplace stores that sell good quality products. 

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the limited knowledge we have about flower agate, it has already proved itself to be a powerful and influential source of energy.

Connected to the Heart and Root chakras along with the Sacred Feminine Energy, it is not a stone to be left out of your collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Flower Agate Help With Love?

Yes, flower agate can help with love. As flower agate is connected to the Heart chakra, it can activate empathy, love, and healing. The Heart chakra is the center of love not only for the self but also for others. 

Whether you are having issues with the love you have for yourself or another, this crystal can help you to act with empathy and compassion, and create unconditional bonds with those around you.

Can You Wear Flower Agate All The Time?

Those that prefer to wear their crystals may wonder if there are any negatives to wearing them every day (see also ‘Can You Wear Ruby Every Day‘).

There are no known issues with this currently, but it is recommended that you do not combine too many stones as the energies may conflict and overwhelm you. 

The maximum number of different stones that you should wear at one time is two or three. However, this may impact each individual differently. 

What Crystals Go Well With Flower Agate?

Combining crystals is a common practice among healers and crystal enthusiasts.  When crystals work together the users can enjoy enhanced healing benefits.

There are certain crystals that work better with flower agate than others, these are explored below: 

  • Carnelian – known for offering stability, grounding, and improved confidence this crystal works well with flower agate to balance emotions and promote positivity in your life. Utilize this combination for increased success and creativity. 
  • Selenite – this combination of stones is excellent for handling and calming difficult and highly emotional situations. If you are someone who can suffer with a quick temper or forgets to show compassion when criticized, these stones can help. 
  • Rose Quartz – those in need of extra grounding or stabilization can combine rose quartz with flower agate. This combination also resonates with the Heart chakra and can be used for healing purposes. 
  • Ocean Jasper – love and joy can be felt deeply with this combination. The opening of the heart is seen with ocean jasper, encouraging happiness into your life alongside the soothing feeling felt with flower agate. You can truly live life to the fullest here. 
  • Moonstone – two feminine stones can work well together, just as they do here. Women will highly appreciate the balance, light, and inner clarity that this combination will bring into their lives. 
Andrea Daehma