13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

Our inner mind and spirit are a realm that can be hard to control or understand, so when you feel an unbalance where you are stuck in a negative feedback loop, it can feel like there is no escaping this to heal.

That is why crystals are used alongside meditation or reflection to heal past negative experiences or are hidden from these influences, which can affect how much you are in tune with your body and spirit.

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

To find a stone that gives you the right energy and sources to heal your emotions and energies, read on to find out more. 

1) Lapis Lazuli 

The deep blue celestial colors on this stone reflect power, spirit, wisdom, and truth, so they can be used by those who may be under considerable pressure and are either looking for solutions or inspiration to improve their ability further (see also ‘5 Beautiful Celestial Crystals‘).

Not only this, but this stone has an energy that opens you up to all forms of communication, so you can face any potential hurdles in your recovery with harmony and clarity that allows you to make the right decisions as you can slow down and recognize your options. 

2) Pink Calcite 

You can find many varieties of calcite based on color, so it is no surprise that trying to find the right one can seem difficult, as you may be looking for a specific type, but most types are a cleanser and bring a lot of energy with it them.

This one, in particular, helps you build a deeper compassion for yourself and others so that you can view things from a different perspective and avoid moments of self-criticism and blame, both of which can be very destructive to your energy.

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

3) Larimar

This is another category of stone with tranquil and peaceful colors that can bring some brightness and wonder into your space, and you may also hear this one called the dolphin stone.

This stone focuses on aspects of stress and worry that you may be healing from, so you can use it to overcome fears by promoting clear and productive communication with yourself and others so that you can discuss these and guide you to a better mindset. 

4) Chrysoberyl 

For those times when your thinking has led to self-destructive behaviors and can be linked to your emotions and energy, this stone opens you up to discipline and concentration, where you’ll want to work towards excellence which is very achievable. 

With any emotional healing, you can doubt your self-worth. Still, here you can strengthen your personal power and increase your generosity and forgiveness so you can have a smoother experience while promoting this to others. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

5) Alexandrite 

Suppose your emotional journey has led you to unclear thoughts and distortions resulting from a lack of purpose. In that case, you can revitalize your self-esteem, pleasure, laughter, and the ability to see positive aspects of the world around you and within.

Suppose your journey has resulted in a blockage that could cause feeling less at ease or ill. In that case, it might be a good idea to carry one of these around with you while being able to process feelings easier and be open to whatever energies or influences come your way.

6) Cats Eye 

When trying to process thoughts and bring new ones in, it can seem like we lose some perspective, so for the ability to gain self-empowerment and ward off negative energies, this stone can offer a soothing vibration of kindness.

When used as a talisman, you can attract prosperity and wealth through determination and self-preservation. It can offer spiritual elevation, which you might think is missing in your journey, and you want to obtain this foresight again. 

7) Clear Quartz 

This crystal is prevalent in all areas of spiritual and emotional fulfillment as they act as an amplifier for other crystals, so if you find the energies that you get from another stone are weak or unnoticed, this stone can be used as part of a grid or shrine. 

It can be just as restorative on its own, as it focuses on your thinking around a desire, so you can sense the truth around a situation and apply an appropriate response as you gain a better understanding of yourself. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

8) Morganite 

This is another stone that you can find in pink or white, but you will find a healing energy that gives you inner peace, joy, and self-confidence while encouraging fairness and understanding when in contact with your inner self or when around others. 

If stress is causing you physical symptoms, you can wear this stone to heal the heart, lungs, nervous system, and even asthma so you can overcome feelings of depression, deep loss, fear, and anger, and it leads you to acceptance once you’ve embraced these changes. 

9) Rhodochrosite

A gemstone that reflects the heart, with the presence of this one, you’ll be more comfortable searching within to find acceptance, love, and kindness, which can all help for past traumas and suppressed memories, all of which can be difficult to accept and heal.

If you find that your mind or body is resistant to this reflection, this is a regular occurrence and, over time, allows you to accept yourself in your new state and become your true self, which can give you renewed energy and improve your energy field. 

10) Ruby Iolite  

Even though this stone looks pretty simple and could be mistaken for a pebble, this one is essential for those who are on a journey of self-discovery or need some inspiration to do so, as it can bring you in from the confines of disorientation. 

It can also accompany a journey of detoxification, so whether this is alcohol, relationships, or bad habits, you can be sure to gain strength from the energy that radiates from this stone which can calm the body and spirit, which is something that can fluctuate from time to time. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

11) Dumortierite

This quartz is also known as the blue denim stone, as it has a nice dark blue tone that can help you get some stability in your body and mind, so you can gain self-discipline and heightened intuition, all of which are important during manifesting.

If you struggle to hold onto relationships, this stone can help remove bad habits and behaviors through psychic abilities that offer higher connections that can show you messages of ultimate wisdom, so it has some versatility in its effects. 

12) Cinnabar

Suppose your personal journey requires spiritual and mental transformation. In that case, it can help to extinguish any negative energies that can cloud your thinking and judgment, and here you can have confidence that you are on the path that life has chosen for you. 

As many aspects can hold us back and cause resentment in our development, this stone allows you to express these negative emotions and can help you target other areas that you’re looking to work on. 

13 Powerful Crystals For Emotional Healing

13) Scolecite

The stresses of everyday life can bring anxiety and negative energy that we aren’t aware we are exposed to, so to rebalance this yin energy, which is in contrast to yang energy, where you need to recharge afterward. 

If you’re not much of an outwards person, so you like to be with your own thoughts, this stone is ideal for helping you gain energy so that the crystal can speed up this charging process and isn’t limited to certain personality types. 

How To Use Crystals When Healing 

You can use crystals in many ways, combining them by using a bag, so you can have comfort knowing that the stones give you energy, which equals an aura that can overflow with positive energy, though people with this sense may be drawn to it. 

It’s also important to set boundaries as it can feel that you’re back to the start once the negative emotions and thoughts reappear, so using meditation and affirmations are good ways to track how your body and mind react to these influences and can lead to a healthy balance.

Part of why some may give up is that they might not experience the change they are looking for, but it’s essential to try these methods to develop your eye chakra, where you can find wisdom and advice that can get you on the right path. 

In Summary

Of course, seeking emotional clarity takes a lot of motivation and patience, which some of these stones can bring through their energies. There might not be a solution or vision of where you’d like to be, but starting the journey can get you thinking closer to that goal.  

Getting to know how your crystals work and their effects are important, as you can use them in more aspects of your life, so with the right balance, you can see what energy they give off.

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