Azurite Crystals – All Of Their Properties And Benefits

If you have ever looked into crystals that are designed to enhance and awaken your sense of spirituality, or if you have just been interested in the benefits that can come from spirituality in general, there is a very high chance you have come across azurite crystals, a beautiful crystal used in ancient times for its incredible healing properties.

Azurite Crystals - All Of Their Properties And Benefits

If you feel that your mind, body, and soul have become overwhelmed by the stresses of everyday life and you need something to naturally cleanse you of your worries and fears, an azurite crystal might be just what you need, but what exactly are these healing properties?

And how is an azurite crystal different from other crystals with similar benefits? Here is a full breakdown of everything you need to know about this fascinating crystal.

What Is An Azurite Crystal?

Azurite is a soft blue crystal that is made from copper carbonate hydroxide and is a crystal that has been utilized from ancient times, all the way through to the modern day for its emotional and physical healing capabilities along with its powerful spiritual connections. 

It is also commonly known as a ‘Guardian Builder’ crystal which is used to guard a person’s own personal beliefs against doubt, affirming an individual of who they are and what they believe, making it one of the most popular crystals among people facing extreme uncertainty in their lives.

History Of The Azurite Crystal

Azurite crystals have been held in high regard by ancient and modern civilisations for two primary reasons, their beauty, and their ability to encourage and influence a spiritual awakening within an individual.

Native Americans in the mid 19th century for example would use the stone to communicate with spirit guides which took the shapes of animals and guided the individual to health, safety and success. 

It was also known to be commonly used in ancient Daoist China where it was said to open the pathways to emotional and spiritual flourishing which also encouraged good health in both the body and mind.

Azurite Crystal Color

Azurite crystals are known for commonly having a deep blue appearance, however, there color can sometimes be so deep that it actually looks more like indigo with lighter streaks of blue running through it. 

The reason azurite sports this color is actually because it is a part of the upper oxidized portions of copper ore which can be seen in numerous deep and rich glistening colors, with one of the most common being a deep blue color that many say mimics the color of the sky melting into the sea. 

Properties Of An Azurite Crystal

For modern practitioners, azurite crystals are most typically used to clear the mind from worries, stress and confusion in order to awaken the persons third eye chakra which is the centre of perception, consciousness and intuition. 

Third eye chakra is most often associated with clairvoyance and stimulating the intellect, and is often used when entering a meditative state in order to enhance any thoughts or dreams while feeling detached from the worries that plague our minds on a constant basis. 

The visions and meditative journeys that you can experience using azurite can sometimes feel intensely real, especially since many people report that they feel a rush of adrenaline in their body and a profound sense of peace while having it around them. 

It is therefore advised that you already have some practice in grounding techniques so that you can remain safe and not get overwhelmed when using this crystal. 

Azurite is therefore used by those who want to clear the clutter out of their mind and to reach a state of clairvoyance where they can become sure of themselves and their own beliefs while preventing fear and indecision.

It has incredible healing properties and is the perfect antidote when you feel you need to thoroughly cleanse your soul and mind from all the stresses and anxieties of everyday life. 

Extra Benefits Of Azurite Crystals

While azurite crystals are great at protecting you from doubt and uncertainty alongside keeping your mind sharp and focused without being bogged down by negative thoughts and emotions, there are several other benefits that can come from making use of these beautiful crystals.

Here are a few of the extra benefits you can experience:

  • Preventing Bad Habits – Third eye chakra is known to be wheel-like energy that affects our well being and perception of the self, almost like seeing ourselves in third person. Because of this, azurite crystals can help us break away from any habits we have been wanting to get rid of by recognizing them as self-limiting. 
  • Manage Your Fears – Alongside anxiety and stress, azurite crystals are also known to help us take a much calmer and more forthright approach towards fearful situations, encouraging us to take on activities or talk to people we may have been afraid to before. 
  • Enhances Praying and Spiritual Experiences – Alongside being an excellent tool to have around you while meditating, the power granted by azurite to elevate our chakra means that we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for mysticism and that which we believe in. Because it can also help to inspire and make sense of dreams, azurite crystals also help to enhance prayers and spiritual experiences. 
  • Progressing Your Spiritual Journey – Azurite crystals have always been most well known for being extraordinary tools for enabling greater communication with the spirit world, while also having an affiliation with Throat Charka and enabling us to speak our own personal truths by clearing away mental blocks. This can encourage us to progress past a potential obstacle or doubt that could be preventing our progress along a spiritual journey or awakening. 


With its deep blue color reminiscent of the lost city of Atlantis and incredible intellectual and healing properties that can elevate your mindfulness and meditative experiences, an azurite crystal is an incredible tool to aid you when you need to declutter your mind and reconnect with who you are and realize what you need to do to evolve mentally and spiritually.

Andrea Daehma