How To Charge Sodalite

When it comes to using healing stones and crystals, a lot of people remember to cleanse their stones – but forget to recharge them!

Recharging your healing stones and crystals is vital for making sure that they stay effective, but how can you charge them? If you are wondering how to cleanse and charge your sodalite stones, then this is the place for you


Check out the guide below to discover how you can effectively charge your sodalite to ensure that it works just the way it’s supposed to!

We will also be covering how to properly cleanse your sodalite too to ensure that you are completely ready to take good care of your sodalite stones!

What Is Sodalite?

To understand which cleansing and charging methods (see also ‘How To Charge Tarot Cards‘) work best with sodalite, it’s important to first understand what kind of healing stone sodalite is!

Sodalite is a waxy, opaque mineral that comes in a range of shades of blue, stretching from indigo right up to pale blue.

It is a stone that represents communication due to its connection to the throat chakra (see also ‘How to Activate Chakra Stones‘), and is used by many to boost their confidence and clarity.

Due to its intense color and power, it also works great as a cleanser as it is great at absorbing toxic energies from your aura.

As a result, sodalite requires a lot of cleansing and recharging in order to keep it functioning. It’s a trooper of a healing stone and so, you need to take good care of it if you want to benefit from its properties.

Not only that but sodalite is actually a pretty fragile mineral. It ranks between a five or a six on Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that it is still pretty tough but is still capable of being broken or damaged.

So, you should handle your sodalite stones with care – especially when cleansing and charging them (see also ‘How To Charge Green Aventurine‘).

How To Cleanse Your Sodalite Stones

Before you try recharging your sodalite stones, you need to effectively cleanse them. However, there are a ton of different ways you can cleanse a healing stone – so which methods work best for sodalite?

Well, sodalite has a strong connection to the element of water due to its blue color and connection to the throat chakra. This means that one of the best ways to effectively cleanse your sodalite stones is to use water.

There is a drawback to this method. Sodalite (see also ‘What Does Sodalite Do?‘) is a rather soft stone which makes it susceptible to erosion, cracks, and fissures due to prolonged exposure to water.

This means that it’s highly recommended that you don’t leave your sodalite stones in bowls of water or in a running stream for long periods of time.

This is because the water can cause serious damage the more your sodalite is exposed to it.

However, sodalite will survive being quickly dipped in water or washed under a faucet. If you leave the sodalite stones under water for just a few seconds then this will be enough to cleanse your sodalite stones.

Once you are done, use a cloth to pat your sodalite stones dry and your sodalite stones will be ready for recharging!

Another great method to use to cleanse your stones is by smudging sage (see also ‘What Does Sage Smell Like‘). Simply light some sage and leave it in a heat-resistant bowl.

The smoke that rises up from the sage will help cleanse your sodalite stones from any negative energy they are storing so simply move your stones through the smoke.

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How To Recharge Your Sodalite Stones

Now your sodalite stones are cleansed of negative energy, it’s time to recharge them.

It’s super important to remember to charge your healing stones as by recharging them, you are filling them with power and energy which will help them radiate their natural benefits and properties.

This will reinvigorate them and make sure you can reap all the benefits they have to offer.

So, how do you charge sodalite?

Sodalite is a bright, energetic healing stone which radiates a lot of positive vibes and so one of the best ways to charge up your sodalite stones with such energy is to charge it in natural sunlight.

Charging stones with sunlight allows them to fill up with positive energy that boosts cheerfulness, so it is the perfect method to use to charge your sodalite stones.

All you have to do is simply leave them to bathe in a sunny spot in your home, preferably in direct sunlight through an open window or outside. They should be left in the sunlight for around 12 hours to properly recharge them fully.

This may seem unusual as a lot of opaque minerals and stones are usually best recharged by being submerged in earth. However, sodalite is a unique stone as it is more closely linked to sunlight and water than earth than other opaque stones.

As a result, placing your sodalite in direct sunlight is a great way to recharge it and fill it with all the positive energy you can transmit to yourself.

Another way you can recharge your sodalite stones is by pouring saltwater over your stones.

Sodalite has a close connection to water and so, it can also be reinvigorated in its natural energies through a bit of saltwater.

Simply mix some salt with water from your faucet (or collect natural seawater if you can) and then pour a few spoonfuls over your sodalite stones.

Pat them dry with a clean cloth and your sodalite stones will have received a boost of energy to help them stay in great quality and for you to benefit from your sodalite stones as you should.

Final Thoughts

Charging your sodalite stones is super easy as all you have to do is leave your sodalite stones to bathe in natural direct sunlight.

If you are caught with cloudy weather and no sunshine, then you can boost your sodalite stones’ energies through a bit of saltwater.

And that’s it! It’s really that easy to charge your sodalite stones so once they have been cleansed, make sure you properly recharge them so you can still enjoy all the benefits of your sodalite stones!

Andrea Daehma