How To Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is an incredibly beautiful white crystal that is most commonly found in its “tower form”. It looks incredibly delicate, but this crystal packs a powerful punch!

Lots of people who work with crystals will consider selenite to be one of their most important tools and this is no surprise really.


Because of the properties and powers, it possesses, it can be extremely useful in any spells (see also ‘10 Fantastic Herbs For Spells‘), rituals, or meditations you will do.

If you are using selenite a lot though, you’re going to need to cleanse it from time to time. While it does have self-cleansing properties of its own, it is important for you to cleanse it so no unwanted energy makes its way into your rituals.

We will be going over a few different methods of cleansing you can use, as well as a brief overview of some of the healing properties of this powerful crystal. So let’s get started.

Selenite Healing Properties

First, let’s take a look at the healing properties of selenite. It is a crystal that is known for healing, both spiritually and mentally. It will clear any blocked energy you may have and it will provide clarity to any situations or problems you may face.

Selenite is also wonderful to use in meditations (see also our article on orgonite pyramids), especially sessions where you want to connect to your higher self or higher planes of consciousness.

It acts as a sort of doorway between worlds, helping you connect to other dimensions with a bit more ease.

It also greatly improves your intuition and enhances the powers of manifestation. It will help you fulfill your goals and desires and it will protect you from any negative energy that is trying to invade your space.

How To Cleanse Selenite

Now you have a better understanding of what selenite can do, let’s take a look at the different ways you can cleanse it. There really are quite a few options you can choose from, so if one doesn’t work well for you, you can try another.

You don’t have to cleanse selenite the same way every time either. If you want to use one method today but next time you feel called to use a different method, do that!

In order for crystal cleansing to truly work, you have to believe in what you are doing and be 100% comfortable with the process. This is why it is so important to find a method that you flow best with. So let’s take a look!


A very popular method of cleansing is of course smoke cleansing. This can be any smoke you want, but the best type you can use is sage in the form of a smudge stick (see also ‘What Does Palo Santo Smell Like‘). Incense also works really well.

All you have to do with this method is set your selenite on a surface and pass the smoke through it and around it. The smoke will cleanse the crystal of any negative energy it is holding and it will also cleanse your energy field too.


Not every crystal can be put out in the sun, but selenite can! We as humans need sunlight to grow and thrive, so if you use this method, think of the sunlight doing this to your selenite.

This is also a great method if you want to do any sun magick and harness the power of the sun in your selenite. If you do use this method though, make sure that you do not leave your selenite out in the sun for longer than 30 minutes.

Moon Bath

Another popular method of cleansing most kinds of crystals is by giving them a moon bath!

All this means is that you are setting your selenite outside or in a window where the light of the moon will hit it. For the best results, leave them in the moonlight all night.

Charging crystals (see also our guide to charging crystals in the moonlight) with the power of the moon has been a popular practice for centuries.

Not only does it purify your crystal and reset its energy, but this is also a great option if you want to do any magick that involves moon energy.

Different phases of the moon will also charge your selenite differently as well, so look into moon phases and their corresponding meanings to work out what time of the month is best for your spells and rituals.


Lots of people use visualization to cleanse themselves during meditations, so there’s absolutely no reason why this wouldn’t work for your selenite too!

To use this method you simply have to grab your selenite and either place it in front of you or hold it in your hands. Get yourself into a meditative state and picture a brilliant, bright light engulfing your selenite.

This white light will purify your selenite and banish any negative energy it might be holding on to. If you’re concerned about when to stop, trust in your intuition! Selenite is a crystal that can greatly amplify your intuition, so go with the flow.

Sound Cleansing

And finally, we have sound cleansing. This can be achieved with a singing bowl or a gong, or if you do not have either, you can learn some meditative chants to do for yourself.

The way this type of cleansing works is by resetting and changing the frequencies of the selenite via the frequencies of the sound. This is a lovely way to cleanse your selenite because it will all cleanse you.

It’s a deeply relaxing process and once it’s complete, both you and your selenite will have a new lease on life!


Cleansing your selenite regularly is extremely important, especially in making sure that no stagnant or negative energy is still holding itself to your crystal.

There are so many different methods of cleansing too, so you can be sure you’ll find a way that works for you.

The most important thing to remember when you are cleansing your selenite, or any crystals for that matter is that the more you believe in the process, the more it will work!

Andrea Daehma