What Does Amber Mean?

While amber is noted as being a gemstone, it is in fact fossilized tree resin. It is often used within jewelry and general items around the home due to its beautiful appearance. 

What Does Amber Mean?

This organic gemstone is a brown-orange color that has different transparency levels. When used in manifestation, it is considered to help renew and cleanse. This is another reason why people wear it within a necklace or bracelet.

For many people, amber (Also check out Amber Incense) is a fascinating and wonderful crystal. It is from trees which are usually considered to be wise. This means the amber itself has the weight of knowledge after being left for thousands of years.

If you are interested in learning more about amber, then you have come to the right place. In this article we shall take a look at amber, what it is used for, and which birthstone it represents (see also ‘Which Scorpio Birthstones Should I Give To A Scorpio?‘).

What Is Amber?

Amber is often a brown or orange gemstone that is made from the fossilized resin from a tree. It is usually a scale of 1 to 3 on the Mohs hardness scale. 

Crystals themselves are usually discovered underground while based next to volcanic activity or something else extreme, while amber is the resin made from pine trees which has hardened.

While we are all familiar with the translucent orange brown color of amber, it can also be found in other colors too – in fact, there are more than 300 different shades.

Some of these colors include red, black, blue, green, and white. However, some of these colors are very rare such as the blue amber. Amber that is colored orange, copper or brown are the most common, but even these colors can go from dark to light. 

Where Can Amber Be Found?

Amber can be found in numerous places across the world. More often than not it is taken from the shores that line the Baltic Sea. 

Some areas include Northern Germany, Southern Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, and Denmark.

It is not unknown to find organic amber with a living thing inside which became trapped as the amber hardened. While alive no more, it can preserve a creature – which also helps to find evidence of living things that are now extinct.

What About Amber In History?

Amber has been around for millions of years. It is said that one of the oldest pieces of amber dates to over 300 million years old. This means that any form of amber you hold can be as old as a few million years.

The name amber is from anbar, an Arabic word meaning ‘perfume’. This could have been due to the sweet smell of tree pine.

During the middle ages it then became ambergris, before the old French name of ambre jaune was used.

Nowadays we use the word amber to refer to it. During ancient Greek times, amber was a word that referred to the sun. This was in reference to the amber light which shone down from the sky due to the sun. 

What Birthstone Does Amber Represent?

Amber has two zodiac signs that it represents. These are Aquariius and Leo. For Aquarians, amber relates to bringing this water sign stability, as well as organic earth energy.

It also nurtures both joy and creativity for Aquarians, which plays to their strength of being an optimistic star sign. 

Aquarians are generally sensitive yet calm. Amber has the ability to balance both these things, and make sure that boundaries that can help are always available in their right place.

Leo’s on the other hand are born a leader, meaning amber will encourage a leo to lead. This is because leo’s have lots of big energy, while also warmth which can be focused using amber.

This then means that once a leo can focus, they will not become weighed down by emotions and details which do not matter when it comes to the big picture (see also ‘15 Powerful Crystals For Leos‘).

How Can You Use Amber For Crystal Healing?

What Does Amber Mean?

Amber is a great crystal to use for healing. After being around for millions of years, it has a lot of healing and calmness to bring to your everyday life.

It is full of energy that can work alongside your sacral chakra, the area that focuses on emotions, sexuality, creativity and so much more.

Amber can give you the vibrations you need to heal in full, as well as nourish your body. Here are ways it can help you.


Amber is the perfect crystal to have by your side when you are feeling sick. Its warmness can help to remove pain, as well as pick you up after moments of fatigue and feeling low.

The light of the amber has a way of reducing feelings of lethargy and depression, and it can raise your levels of energy and stimulate your metabolism. 

It can also be used for detoxing the blood too, as well as revitalizing all of your inner body.


Amber can give you feelings of self-worth and empowerment, helping you to be more confident within yourself.

It can also remove negative energy that may cause depression. It is a great crystal to have in the house to also remove negative energy.

Having amber to hand every day can stop you from becoming hurt by people and situations. It will also nourish and balance the body too.


Amber can help to cleanse the sacral chakra, causing you to be more creative but also purify your own thoughts.

You need this chakra to be unblocked to make sure you are feeling joy, creativity and to build a connection with others. 

Final Thoughts

While amber is not technically a crystal, it is considered to be one despite it actually being hardened pine tree resin that is likely to have been untouched for thousands, if not millions, of years.

Amber itself is a calming and cleansing crystal that allows you to feel balanced, to remove negative energy, and to overcome sickness quickly. 

You may even need it for times when you have a headache. 

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