What Is The Meaning Of Rhodonite And What Healing Powers Does It Possess?

Rhodonite is an attractive gemstone that has been mined for centuries. It is often used as a gemstone for jewelry.

What Is The Meaning Of Rhodonite And What Healing Powers Does It Possess?

It has a beautiful pink or red color with a darker hue. Rhodonite is a beautiful variety of feldspar, often known as Rose Quartz. It is a very soft gemstone, cut with an eye-clean faceted gem, which reflects light beautifully.

This guide will be covering everything you need to know about Rhodonite and the abilities it has that will benefit you and your lifestyle.

It will also outline the different forms this stone can take and the effects it can have on your spirit, mind, and body. 

What Is It? 

The most common type of Rhodonite has a pinky/red hue. It can be created by the Earth naturally when certain processes happen, such as tectonic processes.

It is a beautiful stone that is eye-catching to most because of the different variations of colors it has and its high density.

What Are The Darker Parts Of Rhodonite?

The darker, black parts in the stone are called Manganese oxides.  Manganese oxide is a type of oxide that is used in metal and ceramic production.

It is a mineral that is found in many places on the earth’s surface. It has the chemical formula MnO.

The more Manganese oxide you have in your stone, the darker the parts will be mixed in with the pink areas.

Stones with these variations tend to be very popular because they are viewed as more unique and precious than fully pink stones.  

What Does Rhodonite Mean? 

Rhodonite is used as a protective charm and has a lot of history. It became very popular in Russia in the 1900s for both infants and tourists.

The meaning of the name comes from the description of rosy, which is because of the crystal’s light pink hue (see also ‘15 Beautiful Pink Crystals‘). 

This specific crystal will help you sustain your vitality in your day. Most people have experienced having times during the day when their mood has dropped and they need a bit of help trying to keep themselves leveled. The energies that will move through you, will help you to lift your mood. 

It will also help you remain engaged in what you’re doing, instead of having to worry and fret. It will keep you calm in situations where you might find yourself in a space where you are not in full control. 

What Are The Healing Properties? 

This crystal is all about the healing properties of expanding love and the desire to give back to the planet. It will help to fix your emotions and give you clarity in your life to help you find deeper purposes. 

Most people will try and build blocks in front of their emotions because they don’t trust the world and they have no faith in the world.

This crystal will help you break down these blocks and bring back emotions that need to flow. 

What Is Emotional Healing? 

The tones in the crystal signify the brightness it can bring to your future. The emotional healing side of this crystal is about putting yourself back together and reclaiming your freedom.

It enables you to be in a place where you can release feelings and give back to the greater good. 


This gem will help you become awakened in your world, which might seem like something simple, but it is not. It focuses mainly on psychological issues in your life. You might not know how to navigate these problems on your own. 

The energy from these crystals will help you navigate the steps to help with any psychological issues you have. It will help you take the right steps. 


A tragedy is something that affects everybody in their lifetime and it can have a big strain emotionally and physically.

Using Rhodonite will help you with both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and keep your heart beating well. It can also help with the digestive system and your metabolism. 

These are issues that many people deal with around the world. Therefore, having a bit of help can make all the difference if you find nothing else that seems to be helping.

It is claimed to also help with any scarring issues you have, to help heal it better. 


For people who are troubled by painful trauma and tragedy, the Rhodonite crystal is the best one for the job (see also, ‘Best Crystals to Wear for Job Interviews‘). This crystal can ultimately help you to solve your problems and put you on a path of kindness. 

Most people in life are going through some sort of deep trauma or have, and it can be very difficult to find your way through and stop it from damaging who you are as a person (see also ‘15 Beautiful Crystals For Healing Trauma‘).

Rhodonite will help you bat off everything which is dragging you down psychologically. 

Rhodonite is great for relationships especially. The reason for this is mainly because it promoted shared trust which should be the foundation of a relationship.

Everybody strives for this type of trust and belief in a relationship. However, sometimes this can be lacking after a while or because of certain situations. 

By having Rhodonite in your life, the toxic views you might have on relationships and the concepts you hold close like deception can be eliminated. 

Do People Wear Rhodonite? 

People tend to wear this particular stone because it will help them get into a state of calmness easier.

If you wear it around your neck, you can allow the calming waves to pass through you, and the crystal can have the best effect. 


If you are looking to remove any negative energies in your environment, combine both Rhodonite and Sugilite for the best outcomes. It will give you both pleasure and vitality and offers a large amount of optimism. 

What Is The Meaning Of Rhodonite And What Healing Powers Does It Possess?

Different Shapes And Forms 

Rhodonite is a variety of quartz, with unusually fine and clear purple or pink inclusions. Rhodonite is a member of the Feldspar group of silicate minerals.

The name “rhodonite” is derived from the Greek word “rhodon”, meaning “rose-red”.

Rhodonite jewelry is a wide variety of fashion jewelry that includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories. 

It is also used for tumbled pebbles. Tumbled pebbles are a great material for jewelry making, but they’re also beautiful in their own right. 

Pebbles are a fun and versatile decorative element which can be used in so many ways, from decorating your home to crafting a piece of jewelry or creating a beautiful pendant, earring, or bracelet.

What Is The Origin Of Rhodonite? 

Rhodonite can be found in various places across the world. As mentioned previously, it has connections with Russia where they are a deep red/pink material.

You also have Australia which has lighter, translucent gems. You can also find Rhodonite in other countries such as Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many more. 

Zodiac Sign 

This gemstone is linked to everything including joy and happiness and bringing that into people’s souls. But what birthstone is it related to directly?

It is linked to the Taurus birthstone (see also ‘The Ultimate Birthstone Guide: February‘). Taurus is a zodiac sign of determination, strength, and sensuality. With a strong desire to protect, Taurus can be very loyal to those he or she cares about.

They tend to have issues with obstinate and losing their langer. This needs to translate better in relationships. 

How To Cleanse The Stone

Rhodonite has a low hardness which means you should not be using particular methods to be cleaning them because it can cause damage. You should not be steaming or using ultrasonic methods.

You will need to have warm water, a bristle brush, and a diluted solution. You will brush your stones gently in warm water until cleansed.

You need to ensure you are not using water that is too hot because this can also damage your stone. 

For its protection, you should also make sure you are keeping your Rhodonite away from other stones when storing. The reason for this is simply because it will protect the interface and reduce the number of damages. 


Many people find it beneficial to sleep with their Rhodonite underneath their pillow and close to them at night. The reason for this is so it can empower you and your imagination to transfer messages. 

It is also very common for people to take a shower with their Rhodonite because the water will increase the energy from the stone. 

In times of emotional pain and stress, people hold them close to their skin to protect them and comfort them from the feelings which are straining them.

They will motivate you to push through the pain which is running through your body and to overcome it. 

This can be very difficult to do on your own and it can start to overwhelm you. However, many people have found that when they are holding Rhodonite close to them in these times of pain, they feel assisted and helped from within.  

If you are trying to bring your spirit back, you need to be patient with yourself because it is not an easy process. You need to make sure you are completely quiet where you can find full relaxation. 

You will be attempting to heal your emotional and psychological scars. This can be hurtful, but you will come out the other side feeling fuller. You must relive to be able to mend and accept. 

You need to be channeling your energy from within yourself which will help you mend. Your Rhodonite is the perfect caring vibration for mending your emotions and emotional scars. 

Home And Work 

When focusing on different areas of your life, at home and work, it is all about harmonizing. Therefore, it focuses on the important times when you should act and when you need to rest in situations. 

This is important in situations at work because when you do go to react and are motivated by the stone to react, it is done from a position of compassion and kindness and not a negative emotion.

This will help you in work scenarios in building relationships and partnerships. 


Meditation is a spiritual practice for calming the mind, sculpting the soul, and cultivating wisdom and compassion.

Rhodonite’s meditation helps bring the body and mind into balance and helps to create the space in which one can experience true peace and happiness.

Meditating with Rhodonite helps you to remove any of your old habits and to find out what your soul needs. Rhodonite is a vibrational stone of the heart chakra.

It is a stone of love and compassion. It helps one to experience unconditional love for others.

Rhodonite is a wonderful stone for meditation. It is especially helpful for people who are new to meditation, or for anyone who wants a change in their day. Rhodonite is one of the best stones to use when it comes to meditation. 

Rhodonite increases intuition and helps to find solutions to your problems which anyone can benefit from in their everyday life. 

Rhodonite Crystal Therapies

Rhodonite crystal is a crystal of mica that has been used for thousands of years. It has been used for healing and purification, and in energy work.

Rhodonite is a stone that can transmute negative energy into positive. It is often used to treat physical and mental illnesses.

Using Rhodonite for crystal therapies is an excellent form of a natural energy source. Rhodonite is a stone used for centuries to stimulate and energize.

It is well-known for its ability to aid in healing and relieving pain. Rhodonite has been used for millennia in many cultures as a stone of good fortune.

Rhodonite And Chakras

Rhodonite is a very rare gemstone that is a form of manganese carbonate. It is very rare and highly valued by gemstone collectors. The stone is said to be related to the chakras (see also, ‘What Chakra Does Sunstone Relate To?‘).

Rhodonite is a beautiful stone that helps to activate and enhance the chakras. It is also a stone used in meditation and healing.

The crystal has a strong connection with Heart Chakra but is an energetic stone that also harmonizes the throat and third eye chakras as well, which allows one to connect with their higher self and the field of light. 

What Is The Meaning Of Rhodonite And What Healing Powers Does It Possess?

Crystal Combinations 

Rhodonite is a powerful stone that allows you to step into your own mind and help with difficult emotions and feelings.

There are different variations of Rhodonite which all look slightly different and will have different effects when paired with other gems.

For example, pairing darker purple gems with the Clear Quartz will help you form a deeper connection with calmness and psychological restoration. 

Everyone needs some assistance trying to balance their emotions. For example, trying to balance both our mental growth and interpersonal relationships.

It can be difficult trying to balance out your growth and connections on your own and you need help and motivation. 

Can Rhodonite Go In Sunlight?

If you are looking to cleanse or charge your stone, can you use sunlight? Yes, most people will either leave their stone underneath a beautiful full moon or direct sunlight for a few hours to charge. 

When it comes to cleaning your stone, there are some options above, but you can also use selenite or burning sage around it.

Both of these options are pretty simple and are items you can quickly get your hands on. This information is very important for beginners to learn. 

Does Rhodonite Help With Self-love?

Yes, Rhodonite is all about loving yourself and improving yourself in emotional and physical ways. It helps balance out the Yin and Yang energies in your body which can lead to higher self-confidence within yourself. 

The stone is there for you throughout difficult decisions, and working through those decisions. Sometimes you think you need to be on your own for these types of processes to avoid judgment from others.

However, your stone can pass no judgment on you, only assist you in these times and bring comfort. 

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You Rhodonite?

If you are gifted a Rhodonite stone, you might be a little bit confused as to why this is if you don’t know all of the meanings. The stone is known commonly as a stone of rescue for many people.

In any type of situation where there is heartache and pain, the stone Rhodonite is there for comfort. You can also express your pain and ignite your emotional healing easier with its help.

Therefore, if someone gives you this stone, it will be out of love. 

It is also viewed as a protection stone for your emotions and heart because of the emotional healing process. This tends to be a popular stone for people who are mourning and grieving.

This type of emotional pain is something that cannot be described and will never be completely resolved. 

However, emotional healing can help you overcome some of those painful feelings and help you get through each day stronger and stronger. 

Rhodonite is one stone that is perfect for carving which is why many people will get them in jewelry for people they want to gift it to.

It looks extremely beautiful to wear and has all of those beneficial properties to help you through hard times and decisions. People tend to wear them close to their heart in necklaces, so it is always close. 

Is Rhodonite A Protection Stone?

When you go back in time, you will find that these stones were given to people in the Ural mountains for protection.

They were mainly gifted to newlyweds and travelers to protect them on their journey. Even though it is not the main stone for protection, it still has protection properties to help individuals. 

How Strong Is Rhodonite?

  • It has a perfect, prismatic cleavage which is nearly at right angles. 
  • The hardness is 5.5–6.5
  • The specific gravity is 3.4–3.7
  • The luster is vitreous, being less frequently pearly on cleavage surfaces.


Overall, there is a wide range of different stones which all have different meanings and healing processes. The Rhodonite is a perfect form of protection and emotional healer.

It helps you to push through the pain and come back out to the other side. 

People hold it close when they are in great distress for comfort and assistance in these hard moments.

Sometimes there is nothing else for you to turn to because other people around you aren’t the answer and you need to find the answer internally. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you some insightful information about what Rhodonite actually is, where it came from and why it is used.

There are several reasons why it is so beneficial to people in modern society. See if Rhodonite can impact your life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Chakra Is Rhodonite Associated With?

It is associated with the Heart chakra. This means that it is closely linked to our love, kindness, and compassion. It also has a close connection to our trust which many people want to work on.

Therefore, because it has such a solid connection to the heart chakra, it will help you work on everything associated. This includes yourself and your relationships. 

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