7 Crystals For Passion

There is almost nothing that crystals can’t help you with. 

7 Crystals For Passion

Whether you are having issues physically, emotionally, or spiritually, there is a crystal that will help you to heal or to successfully move through the issue. 

This is also true for adding extra, positive emotions to your life.  Something that many people feel that they are lacking from their life or that they feel can dwindle over time is passion. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of crystals that can help you generate and attract more passion to your life.  

1. Red Jasper

7 Crystals For Passion


Red Jasper is a crystal that is red in appearance, it is often patterned and tumbled.  This crystal can come in a few different shades of red, but the most common shades are warm rusty-toned reds.  


Red Jasper is a crystal that is known for its reenergizing properties.  It has the ability to prolong enjoyment for the user which can lead to enhanced passion. 

This crystal is also capable of reducing or removing frigidity from the user or the subject of healing practices.  All of this can help to encourage more passion in your life. 

How To Use Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a crystal that is particularly useful for men due to its ability to stimulate the base chakra which has strong links to pleasure.  This crystal is also great for cleansing and recharging the sacral chakra. 

This is the second chakra in the system and is strongly linked to the emotional body, creativity, and sensuality, all of which can lead to an increase in passion in your life. 

The stone’s ability to remove frigidity from the user helps to increase your ability to trust and relax which can open the door for more passionate and intimate encounters.  

Red Jasper can be worn as jewelry to keep it close to your body and chakras at all times.  It can also be placed over a targeted part of the body or used for massage.  You can also place it under a pillow to improve your passion and intimacy.

2. Shiva Lingam

7 Crystals For Passion


Shiva Lingam crystals tend to be egg-shaped.  They are often brown and gray with a banded pattern covering the surface (see also ‘18 Beautiful And Powerful Gray Crystals‘).  The bands are often irregular and the stones can be predominantly gray or predominantly brown.  


This stone is known for its ability to unhook trauma from the body and dissolve blockages in your energy. 

Using Shiva Lingam in your meditation or healing practice can help to unhook and remove the effects of trauma on your body which can hinder passion in your energy. 

How To Use Shiva Lingam

Crystal experts believe that keeping a Shiva Lingam stone in your pocket or under your pillow at night can help to enhance the health of your lower organs. 

This stone has been praised for its ability to assist in the healing of trauma caused by emotional, physical, or mental abuse.  

You can also use Shiva Lingam crystals in healing practices and massage to help dissolve any blockages that you might have that may be preventing you from accepting love. 

When using the stone for massage, paying attention to the abdomen area can help get the most out of this crystal’s powers to help invite more passion into your life. 

3. Smoky Quartz

7 Crystals For Passion


Smoky Quartz crystals feature a natural brown hue in a translucent crystal formation.  The natural hue in the translucent stone helps to create the illusion of a smoky crystal which earns this gemstone its name.  


One of the main abilities of this crystal is to increase the amount of passion in the life of the user.  It has also been known to enhance the experience of passion when it has been used. 

Smoky Quartz is one of the crystals that are good for removing blockages in the body and the spirit.  Smoky Quartz is also good at encouraging the enjoyment of love for the user. 

How To Use Smoky Quartz

One of the main uses for Smoky Quartz is grounding.  The process of grounding with this crystal can help the user to accept their physical body which can remove a significant barrier to passion and love. 

It also has the power to bring about healthy intimacy for the user.  

There are several different forms of Smoky Quartz that can be used to help bring more passion and intimacy to the user.  A wand (see also, ‘How to Use a Crystal Wand (Ultimate Guide)‘) made of Smoky Quartz can be run across any parts of the body that are experiencing blockages and troubles.  

You can also hold a small Smoky Quartz in your hand while you are meditating to allow the energies and powers of the stone to manifest in your body. 

It is also possible to wear this stone as jewelry or to place it under your pillow to have it near you for extended periods of time.  

4. Pink Tourmaline

7 Crystals For Passion


As the name suggests, Pink Tourmaline is a pink crystal (see also ‘15 Beautiful Pink Crystals‘) with a shiny surface.  The stone is often opaque in appearance and features streaks of paler pink and white.  This crystal is available in natural and polished forms. 


This crystal helps to promote feelings of joy (see also, ‘9 Crystals for Joy‘) and pleasure in users. 

It also possesses the ability to help relieve muscle tension which can play a part in blocking feelings of pleasure and joy that can lead to passion in life and in relationships. 

Pink Tourmaline also has strong links to the heart chakra and attracts love to people who use it. 

How To Use Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline has long been used to promote self-acceptance and self-confidence.  This can be the perfect gateway to increased passion. 

The Pink Tourmaline can be placed on or waved over the areas of the body where tension is built up and where self-confidence issues are focused.  This can help to unblock the body’s energy channels and promote love, acceptance, and passion.  

Pink Tourmaline works equally well for both men and women and can be used effectively as jewelry or applied to areas of the body that require release.  

5. Orange Carnelian

7 Crystals For Passion


As the name suggests, Orange Carnelian features a red-orange appearance.  The surface of the red-orange stone features thin veins that are either dark or light in color. 

More often than not, Orange Carnelian comes in a polished form that features soft, rounded edges. 


Orange Carnelian (see also ‘15 Beautiful Orange Crystals‘) is an energizing crystal that focuses on the creative centers of the body.  It is especially good at dissolving frigidity that can be caused by mistrust.  This is a particularly potent effect when used by women.  

How To Use Orange Carnelian

One of the main uses for Orange Carnelian is to restore vitality.  This crystal is particularly good at this because of its links to the life source. 

It is also a strong activator for the base chakra which is linked to pleasure and intimacy.  The most common ways in which this crystal is used are as jewelry, belt buckles, placed in the bedroom, and as an active healing practice.  

To use this crystal for healing practice, it can be placed over the areas of the body that are suffering from blockages.  It can also be used to massage areas of tension and stress.

6. Ruby

7 Crystals For Passion


Ruby crystals are commonly a reddish-pink color or a blood-red color.  These crystals are often opaque and refract light that hits it.  Ruby can be purchased in a rough, natural shape or as a polished and cut stone. 


Ruby is known as a crystal that is a huge source of energy.  In addition to this, it also has the ability to set boundaries around you that help to protect your personal energy. 

This can be useful to help reserve your energy for more passion in your life.  This crystal can increase your vibrancy, enthusiasm, and desire.  As a base chakra stone, it can help stimulate sexual energy and alleviate sexual dysfunction. 

How To Use Ruby

Ruby can be used in massage practice and other healing practices that call for the stone to be applied to areas of the body that feel blocked. 

If you feel that your base chakra is blocked and preventing you from experiencing passion, you can add it to a belt buckle or carry it in your pocket to keep it close to your chakra.

7. Fire Agate

7 Crystals For Passion


Fire Agate crystals are quite unique and varied in their appearance.  Most commonly, however, these crystals are orange or red in color. 

The crystals can either be banded or feature different veins that give the gemstones a fragmented appearance.


Fire Agate is known as a crystal that is capable of putting us in touch with our zest for life.  With the connection to a zest for life comes increased passion and a more intense experience of all emotions. 

Fire Agate has the ability to connect us with our deepest desires and dreams.  It can also help us to take the risks necessary to achieve our deepest desires and passions. 

How To Use Fire Agate

Fire agate is most powerful when it is meditated with.  Longer meditation sessions can create a strong link to our deepest desires and passions. 

They can also fill us with intense energy.  Shorter meditations can be used to give a boost in passion, emotions, and enjoyment of life. 

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of crystals that can be used to increase your passion in life and to attract more passion to you as a person.  A lot of these crystals have the ability to dissolve blockages that may be preventing passion from entering your life too. 

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