20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Anxiety and stress are always very challenging to deal with. You can be having a perfectly fine day, but if anxiety hits you, it can really make the whole day difficult.

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Trying to find ways to deal with anxiety and stress can also be very challenging, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

We have put together a list of 20 of the best crystals (see also ‘Are Crystals Rocks?‘) for anxiety that you will absolutely love. When you have these crystals close at hand, you will be able to take on your day without any worry (see also ‘What Crystals Cannot be Together‘)!

1. Amethyst

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Amethyst is a great crystal to start with because it has many healing properties. It is known to help calm nerves and manage any mood swings you might go through, so if you suffer from anxiety, this is a fantastic crystal to have close by.

A gentle but powerful stone, amethyst is also great if you want a bit of protection. When anxiety hits it can leave you feeling vulnerable, so having the power of amethyst on your side can really help you feel more protected.

2. Fluorite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

If you are looking for a crystal that will amplify the joy you are experiencing in life, then fluorite is a great choice.

Having a crystal close by that promotes and attracts joy will help you greatly if you are suffering from anxiety. It also helps you to let go of any thoughts that are negative or not serving you.

3. Amazonite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Amazonite is a powerful turquoise-blue stone that is perfect to have around when you are suffering from anxiety.

Aside from being very pretty to look at, Amazonite has the power to transmute negative thoughts into positive thoughts, which will help you think more clearly when anxiety hits.

4. Tiger Eye

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

The main thing you need to do when you’re suffering from anxiety is learn how to ground yourself. Grounding helps you get out of your head and root yourself in reality in a relaxing and comforting way.

This isn’t always an easy process though, so it doesn’t hurt to have some help! Tiger eye is a great crystal for grounding and it will naturally help you get into that space quickly.

It will also help you to keep moving forward, so you will be able to push through your anxiety with more ease. If you want to make sure your decisions aren’t clouded by your emotions, Tiger Eye will also help you with that.

5. Citrine

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Citrine (see also ‘Can Citrine Go In Water?‘) is a very warm crystal that will promote and attract positive thoughts and emotions into your mind. Anxiety can cause our emotions to tip out of balance, but citrine comes in to realign and rebalance those emotions.

Citrine will also help you have a bit more faith in yourself and the decisions you make. Anxiety can cause us to lose a lot of self-belief, so having a crystal around that realigns that self-confidence and belief can work absolutely wonders.

If you struggle to think positively then citrine will help you learn how to do that. It’s impossible to not think positively when you are influenced by the warm Citrine.

6. Blue Lace Agate

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

A soft white-blue stone, Blue Lace Agate works incredibly well with the Throat Charka, so in terms of anxiety, it will help you speak up and voice your concerns and opinions.

Sometimes, anxiety can cause us to go silent, worried that we’ll say the wrong thing or that no one will take us seriously.

Having Blue Lace Agate close at hand will open up the Throat Charka and help you gain the confidence to get past the anxiety of speaking up.

7. Turquoise Howlite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Sometimes anger can cause us a lot of anxiety, and Turquoise Howlite works especially well with shifting those feelings of anger. It will clear those angry feelings and will clean your mind of anxiety.

It also helps to encourage sleep, especially if anxiety is stopping you from sleeping. It will clear away any thoughts that are keeping you awake, which will allow you to drift into a peaceful sleep.

8. Lapis Lazuli

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

A vibrant blue stone, Lapis Lazuli is great for anxiety because it eases any anxious thoughts you have and it will also help you trust in your intuition.

It will help you look beyond your peripheral vision and it will make sure that you aren’t focusing on anything that doesn’t need to be focused on.

When you rely more on yourself and your own intuition, this gives your mind a break from worrying about outcomes you cant control.

9. Lepidolite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Lepidolite is actually considered to be one of the “best antidepressants of the crystal world”. It helps you deal with any depression you might be facing, which in turn will help calm your anxiety.

On top of this, Lepidolite (see also, ‘Metaphysical Benefits of Lepidolite Stones‘) is great if you need something to balance your emotions and it will keep you incredibly calm, even in your most chaotic and stressful moments.

10. Morganite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

When we are going through bouts of anxiety, we need to be reminded that we are loved. Morganite is a crystal that is absolutely jam-packed with loving energy it will naturally center us during these times.

It is also believed to physically help the heart too, so if you suffer from palpitations or other heart-related issues, this is a great stone to have close by.

11. Aquamarine

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Aquamarine will help you stay relaxed even when your anxiety seems to be most prominent. This crystal will also stop your mind from running away from you and will pull it back to reality when it is going through a very bad bout of anxiety.

It is soothing in nature and perfect for anyone who needs to quite their mind.

12. Rhodonite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

If you are suffering from very deep trauma, this can cause a lot of anxiety that you aren’t always going to understand. Having some Rhodonite (see also ‘Can Rhodonite Go In Water‘) at hand will really help understand that trauma and work through it.

Rhodonite is also really beneficial for anyone who suffers from frequent panic attacks, as it will help you to push through it and keep you calm.

13. Shungite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Shungite is a fantastic crystal to use when you want to clear any negative energy from your mind and body. It works especially well for anyone struggling with emotional difficulty and it will help to center you during these times.

14. Kyanite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Kyanite is known for helping you realign your chakras and this can be a fantastic thing to do if you want to ease the effects of your anxiety. It has a beautifully calming effect that will keep you centered and grounded whenever you use it.

15. Moonstone

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

A crystal that is the definition of feminine energy, Moonstone will help you get more in tune with your emotions and it will help you clear away any anxiety that you feel.

If you feel out of touch or your anxiety is too powerful, Moonstone will guide you to the place you are meant to be.

16. Smoky Quartz

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Quartz of all kinds is great for protection and anxiety, but smokey quartz will give you the bravery to help you through the fear of anxiety.

It will help you find strength and courage to get through any moments of anxiety you might face, so you won’t fear the anxiety when it happens.

17. Hematite

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Hematite (see also ‘Is Hematite Magnetic?‘) is a powerful stone that will keep you grounded because it is in tune with the earth’s natural frequencies. It will keep you balanced and aligned which will work wonders for you when anxiety hits.

18. Lava Stone

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

If you want a stone that is even better for grounding, then look no further than the Lava Stone. It will take all your bad energy and help you channel positivity. This is a fantastic stone to help you rebalance your energy when anxiety is giving you a hard time.

19. Rose Quartz

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Rose Quartz (see also ‘Can Rose Quartz Be In The Sun?‘) is very much known for its powers of love, and it will amplify your own feelings of self-love. When we love ourselves, things like anxiety will not have power over us.

Once we take back our self-love and amplify it, we are no longer stunted by any negative emotions. This is a great stone for anyone who needs to be reminded that love holds all the power and protection that we need.

20. Black Tourmaline

20 Best Crystals For Anxiety You’ll Love

Black Tourmaline is well known for its powerful shield-like abilities, especially in terms of EMFs and negative atmospheres, so it’s no wonder that it works so well to combat anxiety.

It’s so powerful at shielding us from negative energy, that it is even believed to help stop panic attacks altogether. This is a very powerful stone to have if you suffer from anxiety.


Anxiety is never fun to deal with and it can cause a lot of stress too. But when you have the right tools at your disposal, you will be able to deal with your anxiety with no issues. Try out these crystals today and see which ones work best for you!

Andrea Daehma