15 Powerful Blue Crystals

Blue is a calming color that’s often associated with virtues such as imagination, wisdom, trust, and responsibility. As a result, it’s no surprise that many blue crystals reflect these qualities.

So whether you are searching for spiritual, physical, or emotional healing, here are 15 powerful blue crystals that can help you.

15 Powerful Blue Crystals

15 Powerful Blue Crystals

1. Sapphire

When you think of blue crystals, sapphire is likely the first one that comes to mind. Sapphire is one of the most popular crystals, renowned for its brilliant blue hue. Interestingly, sapphires can come in a variety of colors, but blue is the most iconic.

Considered the birthstone for September, sapphire is an incredible crystal if you were born during this month. Sapphire symbolizes wisdom, royalty, and innocence.

Linked to the throat and third-eye chakras, sapphire is brilliant for broadening your mind and enhancing communication. We recommend using this stunning stone if you wish to improve your focus.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Due to its powerful shade of blue, lapis lazuli has been sought-after since ancient times. The gorgeous crystal contains glistening gold components, which contrast nicely with the intense shade of blue. This gives it a charming celestial vibe.

Lapis lazuli is a superbly spiritual stone. The use of this crystal can help you to achieve enlightenment. One of the main reasons why lapis lazuli is considered so powerful is that it is used in healing, specifically for the spirit.

Furthermore, lapis lazuli can activate psychic abilities, resulting in it being marvelous for meditation.

3. Turquoise

Many ancient cultures coveted turquoise. In Ancient Egypt, turquoise was also widely used to make jewelry for royalty. Turquoise (see also ‘How To Identify Raw Turquoise‘) is also highly valued by Native American communities.

This crystal has a unique hue, which contains shades of blue and green. The result is a magnificent blue crystal that’s a popular choice for jewelry.

Turquoise (see also ‘The Powers And Healing Properties Of Turquoise: A Guide‘) is a spiritual crystal that may be used to align a person’s chakras. As a consequence, it can prevent mood swings. Moreover, turquoise can enable you to become a more forgiving person.

4. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a light blue crystal. It’s more common than many of the others on this list, making it a good option if you don’t want to spend a fortune on crystals. 

This fabulous blue crystal is strongly associated with the sea, which is likely due to its shade. In Ancient times it was believed that aquamarine could ward off sea sickness. 

Perhaps it is this association with the sea that has resulted in aquamarine being labeled a peaceful and tranquil crystal (see also, ‘The 14 Crystals You Need to Find Peace‘). Many people utilize aquamarine to limit stress. This effect is due to its gentle vibrations.

5. Azurite

If you desire a crystal with a deep blue hue, azurite is an excellent choice (see also ‘Azurite Crystals – All Of Their Properties And Benefits‘). Its color is reminiscent of the night sky. Due to its relationship with the third-eye chakra, azurite can improve your internal vision.

Azurite also has a connection with a person’s consciousness, which will activate their psychic and spiritual capabilities.

In particular, azurite can be used to forge a closer relationship between your mind and body. This stone also has some protective properties, enabling it to encourage positive energies to enter your life.

6. Tanzanite 

Next, tanzanite is one of the newest crystals on this list. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967. In comparison, many other well-known crystals have been around for centuries. Tanzanite is named after the country in which it was discovered, Tanzania. 

Nowadays, Tiffany & Co. is the main distributor of this crystal, which is considered a birthstone for December (see also ‘The Ultimate Birthstone Guide: February‘). This crystal tends to contain violet tones.

In terms of its properties, tanzanite is linked to two chakras, namely the third eye and throat chakra. It’s great at improving perception, making it a great choice for improving spirituality.

7. Larimar

Larimar may not be one of the first blue crystals that comes to mind, yet this stone can be incredibly powerful. This stone comes in a range of colors, but it is the pale blue version that is most iconic. This is because this crystal is packed with energy and light.

The reason why larimar is so potent is that it’s a healing stone. Linked to the energies of the earth, larimar may be used to provide physical and emotional healing. It is also widely used to inspire relaxation, as this crystal is rather calming.

8. Blue Kyanite

Blue kyanite is perhaps our favorite version of this stone. It’s certainly the most popular.

In terms of its properties, kyanite is an incredibly calming stone that can offer internal balance and remove blockages. If you enjoy meditating with crystals, blue kyanite can be extremely useful.

It also has a strong connection with dreams. In particular, you can receive important messages through your dreams when sleeping alongside a blue kyanite. You are also more likely to remember dreams when using this stunning crystal.

9. Chalcedony

You may be surprised to see chalcedony on this list. After all, it is not commonly considered a blue crystal. But the truth is that chalcedony can come in a striking shade of blue, specifically a very soft and pale blue.

Chalcedony is overflowing with positive energies. It is said to remove negativity and fill a space with positive vibes. For example, it encourages love, compassion, sympathy, and generosity.

It also has a calming effect that will keep you feeling stable and grounded. Blue chalcedony has a connection to the chakras of the upper body, especially the throat chakra.

10. Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a type of chalcedony. Yet, these two crystals have earned separate spots on this list because they have different properties. Blue lace agate is fairly rare, but it’s worth it if you are able to get this crystal. 

It has a tranquil aesthetic that will help you to achieve peace. This crystal contains milky lines that make it quite reminiscent of the clouds in the sky. 

Blue lace agate is believed to have a positive impact on the immune system. Emotionally, this powerful crystal is essential for self-acceptance.

15 Powerful Blue Crystals

11. Blue Quartz

When it comes to versatility, quartz is one of the best crystals in the world. This useful crystal is typically colorless, though it can be found in a wide assortment of hues, including a brilliant blue. Blue quartz tends to be navy, making it look like the night sky.

As an amplifying stone, quartz is adept at strengthening your energy. Blue quartz will amplify calming energy, which will help you to feel at ease.

Blue quartz also represents freedom and creativity. It will allow its users to better express themselves. So if you desire better self-expression, why not use blue quartz?!

12. Sodalite

This royal blue crystal is considered a water element stone. Given its aesthetic similarities to a rough sea, it’s no wonder that sodalite is linked to the sea. 

In regards to the benefits of sodalite, it is linked to intuition and truth. So if you have been struggling to see the truth, sodalite is a wonderful way of getting an objective view. 

Another way in which sodalite can be useful is by providing a balance between your logical and creative minds. Consequently, you will better be able to make rational decisions.

13. Blue Topaz

Like many stones, topaz can be found in a plethora of colors, though it is naturally colorless. We love light blue topaz, as it is superbly soothing and relaxing.

Considered a symbol of wisdom, blue topaz aids with expression and communication. It can be used to improve fortune. Additionally, blue topaz has a strong relationship with the throat chakra. Therefore, it will improve any throat-related issues you may have.

14. Chrysocolla 

Chrysocolla is found in a luxurious shade of blue and green. It looks particularly phenomenal when decorated with blotches of copper.

This crystal will instill a sense of harmony. It has a calming impact and is related to both the heart and throat chakras. Chrysocolla (see also ‘What You Need To Know About Chrysocolla‘) is packed with positive energies that will get rid of negative energies.

15 Powerful Blue Crystals

15. Blue Moonstone

Lastly, moonstones can come in a gorgeous shade of blue. Used to make jewelry for centuries, moonstone is heavily associated with the moon. With a bewitching aesthetic, the blue moonstone is bursting with spiritual energies.

Blue moonstone is a great way for reducing the power of negative energies. So if you have been living in an environment filled with negativity, blue moonstone can provide some positivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Crystal Is Royal Blue?

If you are searching for a crystal that comes in a shade of royal blue (see also, ‘5 Blue and Brown Crystals‘), sapphire is probably your best bet. A sodalite is also a solid option.

Is Turquoise Rare?

Thought of as one of the most powerful crystals by numerous civilizations, turquoise is becoming increasingly rare. So consider yourself lucky if you can get your hands on genuine turquoise.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, there are loads of brilliant blue crystals for you to use. So if you want to experience the benefits of these crystals, simply find the blue crystal that works best for you. 

Simply by wearing a crystal or sleeping alongside it, you can activate the energies of a beautiful blue crystal (see also, ‘6 Blue and White Crystals‘)!

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