Types Of Yellow Birthstones

In ancient times, the colors of gemstones were a significant thing. Yellow gemstones were worn by women to indicate curiosity, while it was associated with keeping secrets with men! 

Types Of Yellow Birthstones

In Christian symbolism, colors had strong meanings and associations. According to them, this meant that gemstones had to be used very carefully when being used, even in ornaments! 

George Kunz states that “Yellow of a golden hue is emblematic of God’s goodness and of faith and good works.” – making yellow gemstones a very important symbol in culture and religion. 

Read on to learn about 16 wonderful, yellow birthstones that you should know about!

Types Of Yellow Birthstones

1. Amber

While not technically a gemstone (it’s a resin), Amber is a birthstone for July that is based on the Biblical high priest Aaron’s breastplate.

This gemstone is a stunning golden color, and was often worn by children. It was also worn to protect people against things with witchcraft and poison (see also ‘Are Crystals Witchcraft?‘).

2. Sapphire 

Although Sapphire is typically blue, you do get yellow variations, too! This is the September birthstone, and the guardian angel birthstone for July.

It’s also the apostle stone for December, and the astral birthstone for Gemini. 

3. Jade

Jade is also a gemstone that typically occurs in a different color, but it can be yellow, too. Jade has been associated with the nine accomplishments for centuries.

These are as follows: Goodness, Charity, Virtue, Skill, Knowledge, Harmony, Divination. Rectitude, and Morality. 

4. Beryl

This is the guardian angel birthstone of December, the astral birthstone for Cancer, and the special apostle stone of June.

A Swedish mystic in the 18th century known as Emanuel Swedenborg was known to wear this stone as it signified “the good of charity and faith or the spiritual love of truth”.

5. Agate

Agate is October’s guardian angel birthstone, and the astral birthstone of Cancer.

This was one of the favorite gemstones to be worn in amulets, and was seen as being a strong talisman to ward against various forms of witchcraft. 

6. Jasper


As the February guardian angel birthstone and the special apostle birthstone of January, Jasper is a powerful stone (see also ‘January Birthstones – All Of Their Properties And Meanings‘). It is also the Libra zodiac birthstone, and an October stone.

It is said to signify “the divine truth of the World in its literal sense, translucent from the divine truth in its spiritual sense”. 

7. Chalcedony

This is the birthstone of Capricorn, and is seen as being a birthstone that represents enthusiasm. It was passed through generations by the Rosicrucian people in their search for wisdom. 

8. Crystal

Also known as rock crystal, this is seen as being one of the most magical gemstones to exist in ancient times. This is the astral birthstone of Aries. 

9. Citrine

Citrine is a beautiful lemon-yellow type of quartz that was added to the late November birthstone list. These gems are some of the most beautiful you can find, and often have a stunning facet quality. 

10. Topaz

A November birthstone, Topaz is also the guardian angel birthstone of April (see also ‘What Are April Birthstones?‘), and the special apostle gen of July. It is also the astral birth rock of July, and represents integrity, loyalty, fidelity, and friendship (if you’re curious about your Tarot Birth card, read here). 

11. Diamond

Although we usually see clear diamonds as colored ones are incredibly expensive, diamonds do some in every color of the rainbow!

This is the birthstone of April, and the guardian angel birthstone of August, and also the zodiac gem of Taurus. Diamonds are seen as the “king of kings” of gemstones due to their brilliance and power. 

12. Garnet 


Garnet is a January birthstone, the stone of the February special apostle, and the May guardian angel birthstone.

It is also the astral birthstone of Scorpio (see also ‘When Exactly is Scorpio Season?‘), and has been believed to have mystical powers that will give the wearer friendship and good health. 

13. Tourmaline

This is another October birthstone (see also, ‘What is October’s Birthstone?‘), and symbolizes strength of mine, power of knowledge, and wisdom.

Tourmaline has been associated with editors, teachers, authors, and writers as it symbolizes the success through knowledge in all walks of life. 

14. Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye is a traditional November birthstone in Hindu tradition. In Assyria, this stone was also known as the “Eye of Belus”, and had a strong divine meaning that made the wearer invincible to their enemies. 

15. Spinel

This is the most recent addition to the August birthstone list, and comes in many different colors. 

16. Zircon

Zircon can come in all different colors, but the yellow truly stands out. This is a recent addition to the December birthstone list.

Final Thoughts

Gemstones were more than pretty things in ancient times – they were also used to try and treat illnesses!

One known use of these gemstones were for people suffering with jaundice liver issues, and it was believed that the power of the stones could heal them. 

Although a lot of these birthstones do appear in other colors (such as Sapphires and Diamonds), their yellow forms have long been thought to be not only beautiful, but also powerful. 

Andrea Daehma